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There is something that to me is so captivating about the stripes on Zebras! I love them! Each Zebra has a series of stripes that is equal to our finger prints. The contrast of black and white…their lovely manes and tails…They have character all their own! I am drawn to the zebra stripe, and often wonder why we do not have striped human beings. There are spotted animals, many of them, and yet all the human has is freckles…I wonder why that is that there are no striped humans, don’t you?

My first view of the Zebra at the San Diego Zoo:

Such a lovely tail, don't you think?

Such a lovely tail, don’t you think?

Doesn’t the tail look like a lovely french braid?

I could only see two in the enclosure, one with its back to me eating lunch and the other too was having lunch! With its face dipped down, there are some good details. They have such lovely eyes, and again I love the stripes!

Having a bite to eat hides most of this lovely face...but what eyes!

Having a bite to eat hides most of this lovely face…but what eyes!

Such a peaceful looking animal. Check out this beautiful profile!

Why the long face?

Why the long face?

Their mane is the best version of what humans try to emulate in the mohawk haircut! But none can match the coloring in this hairstyle!

Check out that mohawk!

Check out that mohawk!

And, they do have lovely feet, dontcha think?

A matched pair!

A matched pair!

A quick note to Lisa at Zeebra Designs and Destinations: I thought of you when I visited with this animal! You incorporate the Zebra in your artwork so beautifully!

I hope you enjoyed what Zebra photos I was able to get! Have a great Wednesday, and thank you for visiting today!

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Scene: The Pretty Feet Awards Ceremony

The Announcer: We would like to thank everyone who participated and voted in “The Pretty Feet Contest.” I am pleased that I was given the opportunity to do the announcing today. We had quite a pair to choose from. We had the 10 year old leather toes, and we had the 2 year old, soft as a baby’s behind toes to choose from. While I am partial to the leather toes, and my own dogs are barking right now, I have the pleasure to announce who won this lovely contest. May I have the envelope please. (Background sound of an envelope tearing and the announcer gasping, raising his eyebrows, lowering the envelope, then looking over his glasses, sighing heavily) And the winner is: Toby, The Face to Love!

A Face To Love

Toby: (Sounds of clearing the throat). First I would like to thank my manager and all of those people who made this possible! Next I have to say thanks to Babso2you for taking such wonderful photographs of my amazingly beautiful feet! They are pretty aren’t they? (Rubbing of one foot against the face, holding it away admiringly, then tucking it back to his side.) Oh, and to my competitor Astro, I just have this to say: Sorry old pup, but the new kid is here to stay!And, I really love the prize: Astro’s bed!

The final score:

Toby 63.64%
Astro 36.36%

Thank you for voting!

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Today is the day allotted to the pretty feet contest. We need your help in determining who has the prettiest feet of two of our residents here in our home.

The candidates are Astro and Toby, and you get to vote!

Toby #1

Astro #1

Toby #2

Astro #2

Well – This one is up to you. Toby or Astro? POLL IS CLOSED! Check out the blog: “Pretty Feed Contest Winner” to see the results!

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