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As promised I am putting up a poll to name my new friend! Thank you to all who submitted names!

What's my name?

What’s my name?

Please take a moment to vote!

Check back next week to see which name won!

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The season for brussel sprouts is coming up and I cannot wait! I love these little gems! My husband, on the other hand, cannot stand them. I think the reason might be linked to this lovely vegetable being served to him as a child overcooked! Let’s take a look at this lovely vegetable!

Brussel Sprouts – Photo by Eric Hunt

Brussel sprouts belong to the cabbage family. They are a cool weather vegetable having their greatest production at temperatures between 59-64 degrees. (Guess what I will be planting soon now that temperatures here have dropped!) It takes 90-180 days after planting to start harvesting. The sprouts grow against a stalk that is covered with leaves. You have to look right above where the leaf joins to the stalk to see the little sprouts.

Brussel Sprouts -Photo from MySeedGarden.blogspot.com

Each stalk will produce between 2 – 3 pounds of sprouts.

Nutritionally, Brussel Sprouts are loaded with vitamin C containing 102% of the recommended daily allowance for an adult. It is believed that this vegetable has anticancer properties which block the growth of cancer cells. The best way to cook these is by steaming, roasting or in a stir-fry. Boiling will greatly reduce the nutritional benefits of this vegetable.

How do I like to prepare this vegetable? Well, I steam them. After washing the vegetable, I trim off a couple of the outer leaves. To help them cook evenly, on the stem end, I cut a “+” to the bottom. I toss them in the steamer basket and get them cooking until they turn a lovely green color and I test them by piercing with a fork. I then remove them from the steamer and add a bit of butter to coat them, and serve! Rather than having cabbage with my corned beef, this is the vegetable that I serve!

How do you prepare Brussel Sprouts? Care to share a recipe? I would love to hear from you!

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Scene: The Pretty Feet Awards Ceremony

The Announcer: We would like to thank everyone who participated and voted in “The Pretty Feet Contest.” I am pleased that I was given the opportunity to do the announcing today. We had quite a pair to choose from. We had the 10 year old leather toes, and we had the 2 year old, soft as a baby’s behind toes to choose from. While I am partial to the leather toes, and my own dogs are barking right now, I have the pleasure to announce who won this lovely contest. May I have the envelope please. (Background sound of an envelope tearing and the announcer gasping, raising his eyebrows, lowering the envelope, then looking over his glasses, sighing heavily) And the winner is: Toby, The Face to Love!

A Face To Love

Toby: (Sounds of clearing the throat). First I would like to thank my manager and all of those people who made this possible! Next I have to say thanks to Babso2you for taking such wonderful photographs of my amazingly beautiful feet! They are pretty aren’t they? (Rubbing of one foot against the face, holding it away admiringly, then tucking it back to his side.) Oh, and to my competitor Astro, I just have this to say: Sorry old pup, but the new kid is here to stay!And, I really love the prize: Astro’s bed!

The final score:

Toby 63.64%
Astro 36.36%

Thank you for voting!

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Today is the day allotted to the pretty feet contest. We need your help in determining who has the prettiest feet of two of our residents here in our home.

The candidates are Astro and Toby, and you get to vote!

Toby #1

Astro #1

Toby #2

Astro #2

Well – This one is up to you. Toby or Astro? POLL IS CLOSED! Check out the blog: “Pretty Feed Contest Winner” to see the results!

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