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God gave us dogs. He gave us the dog to show us what unconditional love is. He gave us the dog for companionship. He gave us the dog to comfort us in time of need. And, he gave us the dog to lift our spirits! Here is a video that my cousin shared with me about God giving us the dog!

I hope that you enjoyed this as much as I did! And here is to the little flower that lives with us in our house and is a great source of love, joy, and comfort to us both!

The Astro flower

The Astro flower

Thank you for visiting today, and have a wonderful day! Be well! ^..^

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Bring out the cookies! K and Boomer are here for a visit! It’s time to play and to eat all those delicious treats that are tucked away in the pockets of the humans! Who am I? My name is Astro and today my mom has let me take over her blog with photos of my gorgeous face and that of my friend Boomer!

In case you were wondering, this is what I look like.

This is me!

This is me!

And this is my buddy Boomer!

This is my buddy Boomer!

This is my buddy Boomer!

We love our little get togethers because we get to play together and the humans always have cookies for us. How can you deny these faces? 🙂

Do you have a cookie for me?

Do you have a cookie for me?

Do you have one for me too?

Do you have one for me too?

Thank you for visiting with me today!

I am one happy dog!

I am one happy dog!

Mom said to wish you a wonderful Thursday!

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Scene: The Pretty Feet Awards Ceremony

The Announcer: We would like to thank everyone who participated and voted in “The Pretty Feet Contest.” I am pleased that I was given the opportunity to do the announcing today. We had quite a pair to choose from. We had the 10 year old leather toes, and we had the 2 year old, soft as a baby’s behind toes to choose from. While I am partial to the leather toes, and my own dogs are barking right now, I have the pleasure to announce who won this lovely contest. May I have the envelope please. (Background sound of an envelope tearing and the announcer gasping, raising his eyebrows, lowering the envelope, then looking over his glasses, sighing heavily) And the winner is: Toby, The Face to Love!

A Face To Love

Toby: (Sounds of clearing the throat). First I would like to thank my manager and all of those people who made this possible! Next I have to say thanks to Babso2you for taking such wonderful photographs of my amazingly beautiful feet! They are pretty aren’t they? (Rubbing of one foot against the face, holding it away admiringly, then tucking it back to his side.) Oh, and to my competitor Astro, I just have this to say: Sorry old pup, but the new kid is here to stay!And, I really love the prize: Astro’s bed!

The final score:

Toby 63.64%
Astro 36.36%

Thank you for voting!

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Today is the day allotted to the pretty feet contest. We need your help in determining who has the prettiest feet of two of our residents here in our home.

The candidates are Astro and Toby, and you get to vote!

Toby #1

Astro #1

Toby #2

Astro #2

Well – This one is up to you. Toby or Astro? POLL IS CLOSED! Check out the blog: “Pretty Feed Contest Winner” to see the results!

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My name is Opie. I am one of the world’s most photogenic dogs as you will see!

My name is Opie

I love to play! Do you?

I love to play outside. Shhhh! I am hiding!

My favorite thing though is the snow!

It snows where I live and I love to play in it!

And it snows a lot!

I am up to my ears in snow!

It was when I was playing in the snow that I discovered that I can fly!

I can fly!

Did you see my little booties?  My mom made these for me!  After playing I was so tired, that I needed a nap.

I was so tired after flying that I fell asleep on the stairs!

I hope that you liked my photos!  But I want to share just one more.  This is me with my buddy Baxter who I lost recently.

Me and my buddy Baxter

Dear Baxter, may you rest in peace!


Thank you to my friend Jane and to her cousin Shirley for sharing these lovely photos with me!

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In the middle of winter, one has to stop and ask, “How Cold Is It?” So here are the answers to this question. Please feel free to comment and add your own.

It was so cold…

**That I set an ice cube tray full of water outside to freeze.
**That when the power went out, we put the freezer food outside to stay frozen.
**That the snowman got the chills and asked for a jacket.
**At the ballpark we asked for a frozen hot chocolate to warm up.
**That when I picked up my new glasses from the eye Doctor he gave me an ice scraper to go with them.
**That the dog asked if he could sleep with the cat.
**That we cut up the piano so that we had two chords to burn.
**That the cows gave us ice cream instead of milk.
**That Richard Simmons donned a pair of pants.
**That the school closed down and parents were asking for a Teacher Appreciation Day.
**That the electric bill came with a warning notice to sit down before opening.
**That my mother-in-law seemed warm.
**That we bought shoes two sizes too big to accommodate the six pair of socks we had to wear.
**That we named the icicles that dropped “Icehenge.”
**That politicians were no longer blowing hot air.
**That Spanish dancers tossed the castanets away and just let their chattering teeth do the job.
**That when I went to take the garbage out, it didn’t want to go.
**That the birds tried cuddling with the cat.

And, finally, it was so cold that the fire hydrants were asking the dogs to pee on them!

What can you come up with? Please leave your “It Was So Cold” statement in the comment section!

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