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Light in the sky - Photo by Madison Woods

Light in the sky – Photo by Madison Woods

It was a quiet night for Jenny. The kids were sleeping. Her husband had gone out with friends. She sipped on tea as she read. Suddenly, she heard a strange sound and saw a light flashing in her backyard.

Heading outside, the sound stopped, and the only light was the moon behind the clouds. Still looking up, she saw that the moon had moved its position quickly. “That’s not normal,” she thought.

Three hours later, she found herself standing in the backyard. Police, family and friends were in the yard. They had been looking for her. She was missing time.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This is my story written for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Thank you for hosting Rochelle, and also to Madison Woods for the photo that inspired this story.

Thank you dear reader for stopping by today. Have a terrific Thursday and be well… ^..^

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Do you believe that something “alien” occurred in 1947 at Roswell, NM; or not? Do you believe extraterrestrial life exists? Have you had anything strange ever happen to you that you could not explain? Something so outlandish that you were afraid to tell someone for fear that you would be classified as crazy?

So many people deny the existence of other life in the universe. Our government in the US denies any encounters as do other governments around the world. We are it we are told. I would like to ask why the human race, in all of its inevitable wisdom, or lack thereof, is arrogant enough to believe that we are the only beings that exist in the entire universe? A universe which we are also told is limitless? Why? What is the probability, I ask, of us being the only life in all the galaxies that we know of or are not yet aware of? How can we possibly be alone in a limitless universe?

There are many shows today on cable television that are about alien experience. Claims are made by many. Not only current experiences, but those of the past as well. There are historic references not only in the Bible, but also recorded by the ancients in the form of hieroglyphics and petroglyphs. Clearly there is human curiosity and experience, which has enough of a following for there to be shows today about these curiosities and experience. And clearly there is a recorded history.

I have had experiences that are not easily explained. Have you? In all seriousness have you had an experience that you cannot easily explain?

My first UFO sighting was back in 1979. I was with a group of people on a trip back from Mammoth Mountain traveling to San Diego on Highway 395. There were four of us in the car. We had just left the town of Bishop, CA. I was in the back seat with my boyfriend, and Annie and George were in the front seats and George driving.

Jim shouted for everyone to look at the western side of the car towards the mountain range that was quite a way distant from us. It was the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada range. What I saw: I saw a beam of light shining down towards the earth as it moved down the mountain. It slowed and then moved parallel to the base of the mountain range for what seemed like two inches from our perspective, and then made a 90 degree turn up and out of the atmosphere and was gone in a matter of seconds. As it left the atmosphere it appeared to me to spiral upwards with lights rotating around and around. George was driving and we were all yelling about what we saw. He thought that we were pulling his leg. Many years later on a trip back down to San Diego I ran into Annie whom I had not seen for years, and her first comment to me was “You were with me when we saw the UFO!”

I have had others, but the next one that I would like to tell you about happened in October 2010 up here in the Sierra Foothills – in the area known as the Sierra Triangle. I was on the cell phone with my husband and out on our back deck. I spend a lot of time in the evening on this back deck and this night I saw two “stars” which resembled a binary star system. One of the stars was very bright and big, while the other was smaller and less bright. While speaking with my husband, one of the “stars,” the brighter one, all of a sudden moved away from me towards the south and shortly after the second one moved the same direction in the same method and manner as the first. It took about five minutes for them both to disappear. The best part about this story is that one of my neighbors saw the same thing at the same time that I did!

Hollywood tries to portray alien life in terms of human physiology. Why? Is this human arrogance as well? Why would we think that they would look anything like us? Why could they not appear to us as a ball of light? And the the term “Anthropomorphize” comes to mind. This is defined as “to attribute or ascribe human form or behavior to (a god, animal, object, etc.).” How can we possibly think that anything out there in the limitless universe would look like us? You know about the missing link don’t you? Well is it possible that the missing link has something to do with alien intervention? Many believe that it does…

Would we know an alien creature if we saw one? How do we know that creatures that are around us today are not alien creatures. Could they not resemble a giraffe? Or, an elephant? Or what about the Praying Mantis? I heard a story once that cats are really alien creatures who like to lay on whatever you are looking at so that they could raise their tails and send the information back through their tail to the mother ship. While I do not personally believe this, why could it not be true?

Are we really alone in this wide infinite universe? Or, do we share it with others? What do you believe?

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