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First – a huge thank you for being honored once again by you, the audience, for yet another Audience Choice Award on the Let’s Be Wild photo challenge! This week’s challenge is Green. I have already done a lot of green lately, but thankfully, I am able to share with you additional shots of the lovely shade of green!

Let’s start with one of my favorite shots that features the color green. I was lucky to get a call from my neighbor and friend Ethel to come over to check out the bugs on her garage wall! Check out this amazing Katydid!

Katydid Green

Katydid Green

Pretty, isn’t she?

Let’s take a walk through green, shall we? Ferns abound at this time of year, and they are just truly lovely to see!

Green symmetry

Green symmetry

I was amazed at the symmetry of the two separate sprouting fronds in the above photo! There are some big ones too! Here is a shot of fern fiddles with the lovely greens of their leaves behind them.

In a fern forest

In a fern forest

Walking around I have found some everyday plants in the wild. Check out the wild spinach and strawberries!

Wild Spinach

Wild Spinach

A wild strawberry patch

A wild strawberry patch

Then there is the woolly mullein that is all over the place here. The miners used this for TP during the gold rush!

The soft green of a Woolly Mullein

The soft green of a Woolly Mullein

My garden has one of my favorite vegetables: Broccoli! And I was lucky enough to catch a visitor when I took this shot!

Broccoli with a visitor!

Broccoli with a visitor!

I really like these shots too. These are photos of some of the moss that is in abundance here at this time of year!

Up close with moss

Up close with moss

Mossy moss

Mossy moss

I love the contrasts in the above photo!

Be sure to check out the other entries for this challenge by clicking HERE! And, please feel free to comment on their site if you like my photos!

Well, I have to dash and head off to work! May today be a day filled of joy for you! Thank you for stopping by!


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This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is Geometry. Geometry is all about shapes, size and relative position. It is about areas, volume, points lines and planes. And it surrounds us everywhere! Not only in nature, but in the way we shape the world around us. So this is my entry to this week’s challenge. These photos are where I find geometry!

Geometry in a basalt formation

Spirals found in the seed pods of a plant

Geometry in a natural arch

Lines…lines…and more lines…


Lines, shapes, designs – Geometry!

Let’s close this post off with the ripples flowing out in circles from a lava flow. Nature captures geometry in time!

Circles in Lava

Now go and have a great Sunday! And, take a bit of time to check out some of the other entries in this week’s photo challenge by clicking on the following link. Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

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This weeks photo challenge had me going through loads of photos to find those that fit the challenge. Find them I did, and I am here to share my entries in to the photo challenge with you! So that you may know what the challenge is, here is a link to the site where this challenge can be found: Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

I hope that you have enjoyed my simple photos, now go out and enjoy the day!

Here are some of the posts for this challenge that I like:

Dorys World
The Serenity Space
Drieske Writes

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This week’s photo challenge is on “Big.” The challenge is this: “BIG. It’s larger than life, it’s unexpected, it’s the protagonist in a scene. It’s big. It often helps to have some normal object as part of the scene so people can understand the scale…” So, here is what is big to me.

Big volcano little people

See the people at the bottom right?

Big tree trunk

Big Zucchini

Giant redwood

Half Dome

If you click on the above photo, there are people standing at the top of Half Dome.

Storm cloud on the Pacific

Big crab

Big Katydid

What is big to you? You too can join in the weekly photo challenge! Click here to see how this works!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

Enjoy your day!

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This week’s photo challenge is that which makes us happy. I find happiness in the world around me. Happy is where I live, the critters around me, my garden, my blogging, and you my readers! I hope that you enjoy the photos of what makes me happy!

And, the new gallery format makes me happy too!  Thank you WordPress!

Now go out and enjoy the day!

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This weeks photo challenge focus is on the solitary. Here are my submissions for this weeks photo challenge…I hope that you enjoy the photos!

Solitary confinement

Alone on the rocks

I drink the nectar

Gecko looking up!

I wander the reef alone

Lone preying mantis

My best side!

Enjoy this weekend!

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When I read what this week’s photo challenge is, near and far, asking for a photo that draws you into it, I thought of several photos.

The first one was taken after a snow storm blew through our area. I was heading back home…

And, the road takes me…

Near and far….

Summer time in 2008 there were numerous fires in the area that lends to the smokiness in this photo taken at Stumpy Meadows lake.

Looking across Stumpy Meadows

Near and far….Here are a few more…

Daffodils in Spring

Boats coming in

Full moon

Geysers – Yellowstone

Lands End, Cabo San Lucas

Long Beach Wharf

Praying Mantis on Salvia

Enjoy the weekend!

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