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Turnips have not been one of those vegetables that I would make a trip to the grocery for. But I had something last night at a restaurant with turnips that was amazing, and something I will be trying soon at home and in a blog for you! So, what about the turnip?

Turnip - Photo from TheBittenWord.com

The turnip is in the family Brassica rapa, and is a white taproot with a blush on the shoulders. This blush is due to exposure of the root to sunshine. Turnips are actually part of the cabbage family. The green tops are edible as well and resemble mustard greens in flavor. The root is high in vitamin C, while the tops are high in vitamin A and calcium.

Depending on where you are in the world, there are a number of ways to enjoy this vegetable. Pickled turnips are very popular in not only Japan, but Lebanon as well. In the southern United States they stew the turnip root, and they cook the greens with ham hocks or a fatty piece of pork. And they enjoy the greens with vinegar. In the country of Austria they shred the raw root and use it to flavor a remoulade. In England and Scotland they are served mashed. In India they include the turnip in a dish called shab-daig which is a mutton based dish.

To grow turnips, I discovered that the best time to plant this vegetable is in the middle of June. They grow really well in poor soil where other plants would not flourish. And, they are an easy plant to grow. If you try these, thin them to about 8″ apart. And, keep them free of weeds.

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog on a side dish made with turnips!

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My friend at work the other day mentioned Chile Rellenos to me and I have not been able to get it out of my head!  This recipe is a take off from a recipe by Roseann Wilson of Albuquerque, NM, with one change.  Her recipe uses stewed tomatoes.  I chose to use diced tomatoes with basil, garlic and oregano.  I just cannot handle bell peppers!  Eat one bite of those dogs and I will be burping bell peppers the rest of the day.  The chiles in this recipe do not affect me that way!

2 – 4 oz. cans of whole green chiles
1/2 lb. each of shredded cheddar and jack cheese
14 oz. can diced tomatoes with basil, garlic and oregano (or stewed tomatoes if you prefer)
4 eggs
2 TBS flour
3/4 cup of evaporated milk

Spray the inside of your crock pot with a non-fat cooking spray to keep the dish from sticking. Take the chiles drain them.

Drain the cans of whole green chiles

Then cut them into strips.

Cut down the side of the chile and open

Layer the chiles and cheese in the crock pot.

First layer - the chiles

Add a layer of jack cheese

Then cheddar

Repeat the layers.

Then start the layers over again

Finish with the cheddar. Then pour the tomatoes over this.

Add the tomatoes

Next, in a bowl, take the eggs and combine them with the flour and milk. Pour this into the crock pot.

Add the milk, egg and flour mixture

Cover and cook on high for 2-3 hours.

I like this dish as it not only tastes wonderful, but it is all done in one pot! When done, serve this up with some rice and refried beans!

Dinner is served!

Dinner is served, quick and easy! Enjoy!

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