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I have a post that I want to do and have photos ready to go, but I am having a hard time coming up with a title…And it was in thinking about what to call that post that I felt inspired to spend some time on those rhetorical questions that I just love! I hope that these put a smile on your face!

** What do they call occasional furniture the rest of the time?

** Did you know that they deliver occasional furniture in semi-trucks?

** Why do they call that truck a semi?

** Why do we drive on a parkway and park on a driveway?

** Why are there interstate highways on the Island of Hawaii?

** Can you imagine getting sick at the airport and having the terminal Dr. wait on you?

** Why do Dr.’s just practice medicine?

** Why is it that your nose runs and your feet smell?

** If corn oil comes from corn, where does baby oil come from?

** Why do banks have Braille at the drive up ATM’s?

** Why do they call it a pair of pants when you only get one?

** Why is the person who helps you invest your money called a broker?

** If a clergyman can get defrocked, then wouldn’t that mean that electricians can be delighted, dry cleaners depresssed and cowboys deranged?

** We can buy Preparation H, so what happened to A – G?

** Why do you need a driver’s license to buy alcohol, but you cannot drink and drive?

** Why is it that when you transport something by ship it is called cargo, and when you transport something by car it is called shipment?

** If the little black box is the only thing to survive a plane crash, why don’t they make the planes out of the same material?

** Those 24 hour stores? Why do they have locks on their doors?

Now go out and have a great Tuesday!

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I just had to write this post because I am still scratching my head, wondering and in disbelief. Today I had an interaction with customer service at Intuit, Inc. I want to share with you what I experienced.

This company is the creator of the QuickBooks software. Have you heard of it? It is accounting software program that is geared towards small business. It does have its drawbacks. But for a down and dirty software, you can get by.

My issue that I dealt with today was the renewal of the licensing for the business where I work. You see, yesterday I received a notification from them by email that our contract was terminated. Before this termination, I received a phone call on June 29th indicating that our service contract and the licensing was due on July 9th. Having worked on Sunday July 1st, I returned the call that day to our account representative.

I worked Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and did I get a return call? No. The account representative waited to call back on Friday. Now granted she is not aware of my work schedule, but one would think that a call back within 24 hours after receiving a personal message would be returned. Is customer service lacking? In my mind the answer is yes.

Now let me tell you that Intuit will hold on to a credit card number and use it repeatedly without contacting you. I saw this 7 years ago when I started working for my employer, and being an accountant this is unacceptable.

Yesterday, once again getting the voice mail of the company’s account representative, I called back to get to someone I could speak to. I was connected to someone who could help me, I thought. I was told that their systems were down and no one would be able to help me with the renewal until the following day. I did receive a call back from the account rep too telling me something I was already aware of. So the question here would be if I was an investor in this company, why do they not keep records of what a customer has been told, and why are they wasting my money by having the other person call back?

So, I go off to work this morning, and around the beginning of my day the account rep calls me to tell me of the new enhancements to the upcoming release of the latest version of the software. Did I hear about any of this? No. All she wanted to get to was Intuit getting their money. I let her know how upset I was in getting the termination notice, and even more so that this could have been avoided had she had the courtesy to call me back before our service and licensing agreement terminated.

So rather than telling me about what we will be getting for our hard earned money, she goes right to collecting the money, by EFT check. And, she tells me the total amount that we will be dinged from the bank account. I had to ask for a breakdown of the costs, wanting to know the sales tax as Intuit does not take into account whether or not you are in the limits of a county that is incorporated or not. Yes the tax rates are different, and we are in an area where the tax rate is 1/2 of a percent less than the city proper.

Now due to Intuit running up charges on the company credit card, without providing you with the necessary documentation required for accounting records, I put a stop to their use of a credit card and I have been paying by check for the last 6 years. I was told today that Intuit has changed their policy regarding paper checks and they will no longer accept paper checks. What? It is money. They are turning down money? What is up with that?

The State of CA tax rate is 6 1/4%. The tax figure that the gal gave me was 3.5%. Their headquarters in located in CA, and I have to ask where did they get this rate from? Why is it that there this rate is an estimate? I also have to ask, why this software giant does not have a system that calculates the tax for where their customer is? I asked these questions and the wimpy answer that I received was that “the computer generates it and I cannot change it.” Why not? And there is a notation at the bottom of the email that I got that indicates that they will correct the tax rate at a later date. Intuit: Why can you not get it right the first time?

While the account rep is trying to get the billing amount correct, as I am sitting there on hold, I receive an order confirmation. What? We are not finished here and yet I am receiving this notification? What is with that? Did I mention that the billing was to me personally and not to the company who is buying this package? What is with that too?

So that I do not ramble on much more, this gal could not help me and put me through to another rep who told me the same thing that she did. When I asked for a supervisor, after being on the phone already for an hour, I was told that one would call me back within 24 to 48 hours. What? Where is customer service today? He also had to fix the billing and shipping. He indicated that I would receive a survey about his assistance and that he hoped I would be able to give him a good rating. I never got it!

We shall see if I get a call back. If I had my way, we would not be using this software, and I would not recommend them to others for not only what happened today, but for other reasons that I will not go into today due to the length of this post already.

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Growing up I was brought up to respect my elders. Were you? I am curious about this because today I witnessed something between two people, one younger, one older, that disturbed me immensely. So much so, that I thought that I would write a blog about this issue.

I learned through my life that there is a certain wisdom that a person achieves as one grows older. As a matter of fact I wrote about this in my blog “The Buffalo Side of Double Nickels.” Knowledge comes with age. However, not everyone gets it.

When I was growing up I thought that I knew it all. My parents were wrong about everything. But as I added on the years, while I was not always given a reason why to do or not to do something by my parents or other elders, I began to discover the way of things in the world. I learned and I learned a lot of lessons the hard way. And I learned a lot from folks older than me, which reinforced why I should respect my elders.

One thing that I have learned living the buffalo side of double nickels, is that one does not denigrate anyone in anyway in front of other people. Doing so just makes you a bully. And we have all read plenty in the news recently about bullying. I learned that if you have something to say to someone, and you are not in agreement, or what you have to say is negative, you do this face to face and not in front of others. Doing so will make you appear to be the small person that you really are.

One thing that I do know is this: Listen to what someone older than you says to you. And, think about why they are saying to you what they are saying to you. Are they trying to help you grow? Are they trying to impart the experience of their years to you? Respect their experience! And respect that they are trying to help you from possibly making mistakes.

What do you think?

I look forward to your answers and comments.  This poll will accumulate data for a period of one week only.

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Today marks a milestone in my life. Today, this is my 255th post! Today I celebrate the 34th anniversary of my 21st birthday! Today I was given the opportunity to celebrate The Buffalo Side of Double Nickels!

The Buffalo Side of Double Nickels

What is the Buffalo Side of the Double Nickels you ask?

The Buffalo side of the double nickels is many things. It is a landmark!

** As one gets older, most, not all, have learned from all the “mistakes” they have made in life so far. At the double nickel landmark you have learned so much from those mistakes, that you now possess a wisdom that you wished you had in your early years but realize you were too young to recognize when the lesson in front of you. You learned and you value the lesson that you were given.

** You have learned that when someone tells you that you have made a mistake, you can boldly look them in the eye and tell them that you did not make a mistake. You can tell them that you gave yourself the opportunity to learn something new and to grow from it. After all, you would not be the person you are today, if all those “opportunities” had not come about.

** You listen to what others say and you now know, from experiences learned, what they really mean and what they really want. Not much can be hidden from you as you have done it all, maybe, and you have learned. And, now you have the opportunity to make a wise decision, or possibly to share the wisdom that you have earned in your life.

** You value life in a way that you never realized could be possible. You find out who your friends really are, and you know that the good ones are few and far between. You value those that have traveled your life with you and you cherish the ones that at this time in life you have made. And you know that those in the latter group will be there with you, as will the few from younger days, for the remainder of your days, because of the wisdom and the grace you have learned and the understanding you share.

** You wake up every morning and value the fact that you are here! And you think about what you can do today that will make a difference to those around you, no matter how small that difference might be. And you smile to yourself because in some way you know how you have positively touched the life of another person, and while they might not yet realize it, you do!

** You have realized that you have to laugh at yourself before you can laugh at anything else in the world. And you find yourself laughing at yourself now just about every day, and you find that it makes you happy!

** You enjoy the wisdom of those who are older than you because you now get it!

** There are those who are your age that are still concerned with “looks” and you realize that even though your hair has grayed, your chin has doubled, and your weight has increased, that you still are a magnificent person! The hair is not gray, but platinum. The chin is not doubled, OK maybe it is. And while your weight has increased that is just one of the many trophies of hitting the buffalo side of the double nickels! I have not found out yet, but I am sure that “looks” don’t matter much and never did to Saint Peter! And I heard through the grapevine that he is fond of buffaloes!

** You have learned that you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.

** And you now know how important it is to tell those that are important to you that they are important to you!

To all of those who have hit the double nickels before me, I honor you! To those who are approaching the double nickels, continue to realize the opportunities as they arise. To those who shared this special day with me at dinner tonight, I love you all, and I thank you for being my friends, and for being in my life! To my husband, you are the love of my life and I look forward to laughing with you daily for the remainder of my days!

Hugs to all today! I look forward gently touching all of your lives, and I thank you most humbly for touching mine!

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If you are married, or not but living together, there are compromises that need to be made on both sides. I could talk about general cleaning, sex and money, but I would rather not. You have to work that part out for yourselves. But what I do want to talk about is what happens in the kitchen!

From the get go in our relationship, and we moved in together before we got married, I told my husband that there were rules to our kitchen, and if he was not on board with these rules, then I should plan on finding someone else and someplace else to live. We loved each other and I knew that we would be coming to some compromises here.

The first and foremost kitchen rule is this: If I cook, you clean. No arguing. This is the rule. I will not cook an entire meal, clean as I go, and have to clean afterwards. OK – so this had to be modified after the first dinner I cooked for us. I cooked and did not clean as I went. He griped. I helped clean that night and since then, I clean as I go. This has worked out well. And, this rule goes both ways: I cook, he cleans, and he cooks, I clean. And, we clean as we go, or as my friend Conor in Ireland says you CAYG! Thank you Conor!

Next, I work and my husband is retired. As I work, and he is now retired, I cook 4 nights a week, and he is relegated to three nights. How does this work? Planning! My husband cooks on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights, which is why you rarely see food posts on those nights, and the rest of the time is mine. This takes some working out, depending on schedules, but for us this works really well. I finish my week, thanks to furlough Friday’s, on Thursday nights, and I start planning on Monday what I need for recipes I plan on cooking. BTW – before I started this blog, we did this then too.

Figure out the dinner menu. We both have busy days. Just like with Mom and Dad, at their house, whatever is put on the table for you for dinner, you eat. We both take into account what each of us likes and don’t like. He doesn’t serve me Lima beans and I don’t serve him brussel sprouts!

Margarine is not allowed in our house. Margarine is really bad for you, and butter is really good, as long as you do not over do it. If you want your recipes to taste really good, butter makes the dish. Margarine does not. There is too much water and oil in margarine. No compromise here: We both prefer butter to margarine.

Every now and then we do have frozen dinners. Not Banquet, nor Swanson’s. Sometimes you just do not feel like cooking, or putting a huge meal together. Whatever we choose, we make sure that the food is healthy.

No, and I mean absolutely NO, macaroni and cheese from a box. When I moved in with my husband, he had about a dozen boxes in the cupboard. Then I made him my macaroni and cheese. Since eating my macaroni and cheese that uses real cheese, he refuses to even look at a box of mac ‘n cheese. We donated the boxes to a food drive.

Everyone eats leftovers. No food goes to waste! Enough said.

Whatever you decide, whether living together or married, compromise is a big part of this life, and the kitchen is a good place to start!

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