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We headed out from Kilauea Iki towards the Jagger Museum when we came upon the steam vents. This is one of the few active volcanic features that you can actually walk closely to. And the views on the tail end of our trip here in the park brought us closer and closer to the sulfuric vent of Kilauea!

The park service is restoring this area, so we had to park on the road. All around us were steam vents.

Steam vents to the right of the road

Walking towards the vents we see Kilauea.

Sulfur rises in the air by the steam vent area

I hit the trail along the steam vents.

A line of steam vents

It is truly amazing walking besides these vents. Here the air smells normal.

One view of a steam vent

Looking down into a steam vent

And the way the light hits the steam, you get a better view of the vents from the other side.

Looking back down the trail of steam vents

We then head up the road about a quarter mile, and we enter the area of The Jagger Museum. And here is Kilauea!

Kilauea from The Jagger Museum

The air is stinky here. Not too bad, but this is the first smell of the volcano that we experience! There are signs that indicate if the “smoke” is apparent in the air to close your car windows and avoid breathing the gas. The wind howled around us as we took photos.

Another view of Kilauea

Before leaving the park, I wanted to leave you with this panoramic view of Kilauea.

Panoramic View of Kilauea

I hope that you enjoyed Volcanoes National Park as much as I did! Next we will head to Hawi, pronounced Havi, and Pololu Valley. Would you like to join us?

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It is 96 miles from where we are staying in Kona to the Volcanoes National Park. One of the spots that is a must see stop is Punalu’u Black Sand Beach. So, take my hand and let’s take a stroll, shall we?

The first thing one notices, aside from the amazing color, is the graininess of the beach. The sand is made up of crushed lava rock, and it comes in all shapes and sizes. At this beach you can swim with the sea turtles!

One view of the black sand beach

The palm trees that line the beach sway gently in the trade winds that come off the ocean.

Swaying palms

Look carefully and you might see a sea turtle.

Sleeping Sea Turtle

Walking a bit further down the beach we come across an area that has tide pools. In one of the inlets we are lucky to see this big guy!

Coming up for air

The sea turtle looks for a way to get up onto the lava rock.

Looking for a place to lay in the sun

Let’s head back to the car so we can continue on the see the volcanoes!

Another view of the beach

One final look back…

From the water

Next stop: The National Park!

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I should be in bed right now, but I wanted to you to see today’s discoveries! I hope that you enjoy these photos. I got home today and found that I had taken 274 photos. It is hard to go through all of it in a short period of time, so I picked out a few and may post more later! Give me your hand and I will take you through a bit of the Hawaiian garden that I discovered today!

Hawaiian Avacados


Honeybees on Hibiscus

A graceful native

Big Leaf Philodendrum



Red Ginger

Seed pods of a native vine

Next post: Geckos and the Jackson Lizard!

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