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Feel like making a quick and easy dinner? Grilled ham and cheese sandwiches are the ticket! This sandwich first made its appearance back in the late 1800’s. These sandwiches are said to be the only food served in the New York ball parks. The sandwich was made of one slice of bread topped with cheese and ham. In the 1960’s the second slice of bread was added! Now let’s get to it! I’m hungry in anticipation of this scrumptious sandwich! Here is a quick preview!

Yummy Preview

Ingredients for one sandwich
2 Pieces of bread
Cheddar cheese

Now, on to what I do when I make these sandwiches! I start by smearing butter on the bread of what will be the inside of the sandwich.

Inside of sandwich is buttered

I use my rotisserie cooked ham for these sandwiches as the flavor is so much better than that of the chopped packaged home that one can buy in the grocery store. I slice the ham thinly. Next is the cheese. For these sandwiches I use the Tillamook Medium Cheddar. This is an award winning cheese and the flavor is amazing! I slice this thinly too. On these sandwiches I use four slices of cheese cut from the one pound block of cheese. If using the two pound block cut two slices.

Then I add a bit of butter to my fry pan and I brown up the sliced ham.

Heating up the ham

Remove this from the pan when done. Now we get messy! Butter the outside surface of what will be the outside of the sandwich, and lay the bread into the pan with the inside part of the sandwich down.

Start with the inside of the sandwich

Lightly brown the bread then turn.

Turn the bread

Lay the cheese down on one piece of bread,

Add the cheese

then cover with the ham.

Top with ham

Top with the other slice of bread.

Cover with the other slice of bread

Let this cook for a couple of minutes then carefully turn the sandwich.

Turn the sandwich

Cook until it is crispy. Remove to a plate, cut the sandwich in half and then serve!


Have I inspired you to make this sandwich? I hope so!

Now go and have a great Wednesday!


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It is just that time again, when I find myself amazed by the number of folks who follow me and who comment on my posts! My wish is to entertain you with my recipes, photos and commentary on life! It is you and your support that helps me keep this going! Hugs to you all, and I humbly thank you!

Barb – The Salmon Fishing Queen

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Happy Thanksgiving!

To all who read my blog, whether you live in the U.S. or not, Happy Thanksgiving Day!

* I am thankful that I have a family who loves me
* I am thankful that I have a job
* I am thankful that I have a roof over my head and food on my table
* I am thankful that I have a dime in my pocket
* I am thankful to have friends who love me
* And, I am thankful to have you all in my circle

Hugs to you all and thank you again for reading my blog! May your lives be happy, full of love, with a serenity in your life that carries you through your days!


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