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We have been billed for this tax and are planning to appeal. There is quite an uproar about this here in the Sierra Foothills!


We all know that the great State of California has been having money troubles for years. It is struggling to find new ways to raise money, either by spending cuts, or collection of fees, which is just a euphemism for tax. Cuts in spending include cuts to our fire departments throughout the State. This brings me to the topic I wanted to discuss which is the CAL-Fire California Fire Prevention Fee, for which I received a notice in the mail marked urgent. This is what the notice said:

“According to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE), you own property in one of the designated areas and must pay the new California Fire Prevention Fee. The Board of Equalization is required by law to collect this fee.

As the owner of property within this area, you will soon receive a bill requiring you to pay up to…

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OK – so here is the United States offering a foreign person that if they buy a house, then they can get a Visa. No-no-no-we are not talking about a credit card, we are talking about someone being able to stay here in this country with benefits. Benefits, that if you are a citizen you cannot get! What is wrong with this picture? Our government can take care of other countries, citizens from other countries but not our own?

I have to ask: Is this kind of assistance only because there is a desire to look good? Let’s put forward a face of humanitarianism for the world, and let’s not let anyone know that we cannot take care of our own.

Have you seen homeless people on the streets where you live? Why are they on the streets? How is it that we can take care of folks who come here with a desire to live here but we cannot take care of the homeless on our streets? I just don’t get that; do you understand this? If you do please explain this to me.

I have personally paid into the U.S system for more than 35 years, and when I needed assistance, I was turned away. I pay taxes on every paycheck I have ever received, and companies that I have worked for have paid for me to be able to benefit if I am unemployed. When I needed to draw on this I was denied. Yet I saw folks new to this country receive thousands of dollars per month to be here and I could not get a dime.

What is wrong with this picture? Are the people of this country fed up? Is this why there have been protesters for more than a month protesting the greed of Wall Street?

Our politicians have this need to take care of everyone except the citizens of this country. Why are they still in office? Why have you not rebelled in the voting booth? Forget political parties, all sides are responsible for the state of the U.S. And we are too for letting them remain in office.

Let your U.S. representatives know that buying a home in the U.S. should not be a ticket to a Visa.

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