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Today is devoted to the other blog that I write, which is the Mondays Finish the Story flash fiction challenge. This challenge gives an opening line to a story that the writer must use and that they write a story that goes along with the photo. The word limit is 100-150 words. Today, I went over the limit as my story just needed to. I think you will agree! Here is my contribution and the title is “Stuck in a Sub.” The opening sentence is in bold and italicized letters.

The Sub - Photo by BW Beacham

The Sub – Photo by BW Beacham

The crew of the Angel Flame received orders to head out. They made their way over to the pier to pick up passengers. Once there, they collected the tickets from the fifteen and helped them board the sub. With everyone in seats, crew-member Johnson closed the hatch.

He made his way into the sub and checked out the folks on board. There were 14 adults and one little boy. He explained to the group what to do in case of emergency, and then gave the signal. Captain Farthington turned the submarine towards the coral reef. The trip would be forty-five minutes long.

Johnson began describing the ocean life along the reef when all of a sudden there was a ripping sound followed by a noxious odor. A tiny voice said, “Scuse me.”

Over the next half hour, the people on board were turning green. After thirty “Scuse mes,” they were ready to get back to shore. The smell was so bad it could knock a dead man off a slab.

After the ride in the submarine, Jenny and Jeremy made their way to the Island Grill for a bite to eat. Walking in behind them was the family with the farting boy. Jenny said to the hostess, “Please seat them first.” When the hostess returned to take them to their table, Jenny said to her, “Can we please have a table as far away from them as possible?”

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Mondays Finish the Story

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