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Sharla Shults of Catnip of Life sure does write some great poetry! She has once again sent me a poem and asked for photos to go with her poem. I love the way her words draw the images to mind, and I am amazed that with all the photos I have taken over the years, that I can find ones that match perfectly to her words! I hope that you will enjoy this collaboration! Thanks again Sharla and I am looking forward to doing this with you again! Hugs to you! – B


Nature. What compels us to seek her wonders? She calls us forth when we least expect it, inspires us beyond words and changes her moods more often than any woman! Captivating is her charm, fiery is her anger, breathtaking is her beauty! She is the epitome of poetry, the effervescence of life!

Have you ever thought about what happens when left meets right in nature? Is the left wing of a butterfly different from the right? Did you know a snowflake is completely symmetrical within itself, while not matching any other snowflake? What about something as simple as leaf symmetry? Some leaves are flat and wide; others are spiky and thin but if you fold one in half, is one side larger, smaller, fatter, thinner than the other?

Such questions go on…and on…and on… Nature is Fascinating. Luxurious. Amazing. Miraculous. Extraordinary. Splendorous. It…

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