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It was reported tonight on the Sacramento news that the meteor that came down, fell in our neighborhood. The debris from the meteor, according to this news report, is within a 10 mile radius of Coloma. That includes us! And when it came in to the atmosphere it was about as big as a mini van! A mini-van! My house shook, so it is no wonder that this happened with this coming in so close to us! Here is the news report…

Meteorites Found in Sierra Foothills

There is a commercial on this video, so bear with it, turn the volume off, but check out the news report! Thanks for your patience here…

The distance between where we live and Coloma, CA, as the crow flies, is about 8 miles. We will be searching our yard for any possible debris! I will be making the trip around our yard to investigate!

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At the southern end of Yellowstone are the Grand Tetons in Wyoming. Who could pass up the opportunity to see these mountains when so close? We got in the car and headed out.

We entered Yellowstone through the west entrance and got down the road a piece when all of a sudden the traffic was bumper to bumper. Now its a two lane road, one lane each direction, and we could see at the bend about two miles away that traffic was at a full stop. We were stuck. The cause? About 300 buffalo got out of the park, and the rangers rounded them up to bring them back in. We were behind them. When traffic finally started to move, the rangers had them off the road in this field. They were spread out everywhere. We had just gotten out of the car to take photos when the ranger came around and said we should get a move on otherwise we would be behind them again!

The herd returns - see the ranger?

I was able to catch a cute photo before we continued on.

Baby bison

The drive took quite a while, but once the Tetons were in sight, you understand why they are called “grand.”

Can you say Grand?


Breathtaking is one word that comes to mind as you gaze at these majestic mountains.

An awesome sight

But to get the true flavor, click on this panoramic photo!

Panoramic of the Grand Tetons

We easily spent hours there, and then had to head back. We were to return home the following day. We took one last look…

Leaving the Grand Tetons

If you have not been to Yellowstone, or to the Grand Tetons, it is well worth a trip. We went in May and there was a lot of snow on the ground. Later in the season you might see the moose and bear. If you go, tell them Barb sent you!

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This post took me quite a while to put together. It was a lot of trial and error. First trying a PowerPoint slide show that I could not get to work. Then putting together my photos in movie form, which took me hours to do as I have not done this before. This makes me realize that maybe I should start looking into obtaining for myself a video camera!

I must say that Old Faithful was truly amazing! The geyser erupts every 91 minutes and can shoot off up to 8,400 gallons of water. The average height of each eruption is about 145 feet, and each eruption lasts about 2 1/2 minutes.

Here is my clip:

There is more to come of my memories of Yellowstone! Today is to be a warm day, so I am heading off to the greenhouse and the garden!

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“God gave me a thumb and made it green, what happens from here remains to be seen!” B.W. Beacham, 2012

Burpless cucumbers have sprouted!

I love it when I put a seed in dirt, and then days later see the miracle of life spring forth! What an amazing thing life can be – don’t you think? Seeds are popping in my greenhouse and I wanted to share these with you! For another view of gardening be sure to check out: Aquaponic Family

Here are a few photos of what I discovered coming up in the greenhouse this afternoon. There were no indications yesterday of anything coming up…I am so excited about this! Take a look!

Six corn plants are up!


Pickling cucumbers have sprouted!

Cucumbers rock!

Peas have sprouted!

Nothing could be sweeter than a fresh pea! In the greenhouse, nothing is more exciting than seeing dirt crack, and it is cracking on the green beans!

Green beans are popping the dirt!

See the potato sprouts?

This last one was not my best photo, but I just came home from work, and with the failing sunlight in the deep pot, this was a hard shot to take!

Stay tuned! No you will not see my vegetable garden dance, unless my husband captures me doing it! I am jazzed that what I have put into soil is working!

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Grab some popcorn and check out the movie that my husband made featuring Pu’uhonua o Honaunau off the coast of Kona, and Volcanoes National Park!

Feature Film of Hawaii

Hope that you enjoy this video with sea life and Kilauea!

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Today marks a milestone in my life. Today, this is my 255th post! Today I celebrate the 34th anniversary of my 21st birthday! Today I was given the opportunity to celebrate The Buffalo Side of Double Nickels!

The Buffalo Side of Double Nickels

What is the Buffalo Side of the Double Nickels you ask?

The Buffalo side of the double nickels is many things. It is a landmark!

** As one gets older, most, not all, have learned from all the “mistakes” they have made in life so far. At the double nickel landmark you have learned so much from those mistakes, that you now possess a wisdom that you wished you had in your early years but realize you were too young to recognize when the lesson in front of you. You learned and you value the lesson that you were given.

** You have learned that when someone tells you that you have made a mistake, you can boldly look them in the eye and tell them that you did not make a mistake. You can tell them that you gave yourself the opportunity to learn something new and to grow from it. After all, you would not be the person you are today, if all those “opportunities” had not come about.

** You listen to what others say and you now know, from experiences learned, what they really mean and what they really want. Not much can be hidden from you as you have done it all, maybe, and you have learned. And, now you have the opportunity to make a wise decision, or possibly to share the wisdom that you have earned in your life.

** You value life in a way that you never realized could be possible. You find out who your friends really are, and you know that the good ones are few and far between. You value those that have traveled your life with you and you cherish the ones that at this time in life you have made. And you know that those in the latter group will be there with you, as will the few from younger days, for the remainder of your days, because of the wisdom and the grace you have learned and the understanding you share.

** You wake up every morning and value the fact that you are here! And you think about what you can do today that will make a difference to those around you, no matter how small that difference might be. And you smile to yourself because in some way you know how you have positively touched the life of another person, and while they might not yet realize it, you do!

** You have realized that you have to laugh at yourself before you can laugh at anything else in the world. And you find yourself laughing at yourself now just about every day, and you find that it makes you happy!

** You enjoy the wisdom of those who are older than you because you now get it!

** There are those who are your age that are still concerned with “looks” and you realize that even though your hair has grayed, your chin has doubled, and your weight has increased, that you still are a magnificent person! The hair is not gray, but platinum. The chin is not doubled, OK maybe it is. And while your weight has increased that is just one of the many trophies of hitting the buffalo side of the double nickels! I have not found out yet, but I am sure that “looks” don’t matter much and never did to Saint Peter! And I heard through the grapevine that he is fond of buffaloes!

** You have learned that you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.

** And you now know how important it is to tell those that are important to you that they are important to you!

To all of those who have hit the double nickels before me, I honor you! To those who are approaching the double nickels, continue to realize the opportunities as they arise. To those who shared this special day with me at dinner tonight, I love you all, and I thank you for being my friends, and for being in my life! To my husband, you are the love of my life and I look forward to laughing with you daily for the remainder of my days!

Hugs to all today! I look forward gently touching all of your lives, and I thank you most humbly for touching mine!

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It is raining. It is cold! Winter has returned to the Foothills. And so has the wildlife! Step outside my back door with me to see what might be there…

I see you!

Please do click on the photos so that you can really see the detail in the photos, and those cute faces that I discovered were looking back at me!

The Real Deer View

How many deer do you see?

So, how many deer did you see in the last photo? Four? No, there are five! Check again!

And the Face to Love, Toby, was overheard saying, “Hey, I don’t care about seeing the deer! Take a photo of me!”

The Face

So I did!

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Have you ever looked at something in nature and found that you were looking at a face? Or an animal but it was not an animal that you were looking at? I thought that I would share with you some of these images that I was able to capture!

Indians in Robes

Looking Down on the Canyon

The Wolf

Face in the Desert Stone

The Resting Camel

The Old Man

In Repose

Does the face above remind you of someone?

Share with me what you have seen in nature! I hope you enjoyed the photos!

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