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Cast in Stone - Photo by Alastair Forbes

Cast in Stone – Photo by Alastair Forbes

Staring at the statue, I notice the fellow is looking skyward. He is wearing a heavy jacket and is holding a hat. He sits on a disk. Few know why there is the disk.

It was back in 1940, and a war was raging. The vantage point where the statue sits is where the country defended itself against invasion. After days of battle, reinforcements arrived. Odd reinforcements. They were short people, with gray skin, huge heads, and black lidless eyes. The troops stopped to look at the beings that were weaving their way through them.

The greys moved into position. Looking around at the men, they seemed to be communicating with them. The men heard the word, “Sit.” So sit they did. The greys moved to the edge of the cliffs looking down at the opposing force.

One of the greys seemed to be in charge. He raised his left arm, six fingers spread. In unison, all the greys did the same and then pointed at the enemy. The opposing force was disabled. The greys then moved to the spot where the statue now stands, then disappeared.

You see, the statue sits where once there was an alien transporter.

Battle of Britian Memorial Statue - Photo by Detraymond

Battle of Britian Memorial Statue – Photo by Detraymond

* * * * * * * * * * * *

This story was written for the Sunday Photo Fiction challenge hosted by Alastair Forbes. Great photo Al!

Sunday Photo Fiction

Sunday Photo Fiction

I hope that you enjoyed my bit of flash today, and I thank you for taking the time to stop by! Be well… ^..^

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The War - Photo by Alastair Forbes

The War – Photo by Alastair Forbes

“Area secured?” the General asked.

“Confirmed, secure General,” said Corporal Green.

“What are the visual details Corporal?”

“There are bodies, lots of bodies on the ground, Sir. All is still at the moment, Sir.”

“What do you estimate our losses are, Sir?”

“Maybe 1,000,000, Sir.”

“What is the estimate of their losses?”

“Sir, I believe that the number would be in the low thousands, Sir!”

“We must do better. Next time, perhaps.”

“What are our orders if you please, Sir?”

“Everyone rests now, Corporal, as you have done well.”

“Thank you, Sir.”

The General left his perch, and headed towards where he saw water. Taking a drink, he heard a whoosh! In an instant, he was dead.

Al sat up, looking at smashed grasshopper on his hand. He picked up his camera equipment and looked at the carnage around him. No one would have thought of them as deadly creatures. This was one story that would make the history books.

Looking at the dead around him, Al felt lucky to have survived. Who knew these little creatures could be so vicious. At last, it was over.

Pretending to be dead, a remaining short horned grasshopper looked up at the man above him and thought, “For now we go underground and in 40 years when we return, we shall prevail!”

* * * * * * * * * *

Sunday Photo Fiction

Sunday Photo Fiction

Thank you to Alastair Forbes of Sunday Photo Fiction for the great photo that inspired this story, and to you as well, dear reader, for taking the time to stop on by! Be well… ^..^

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The Ride - Alastair's Photo Fiction - 29-10-october-13th-2013

The Ride – Alastair’s Photo Fiction – 29-10-october-13th-2013

After waiting for more than an hour, we were finally strapped in the seat to take the ride. We were hoping we would not be disappointed! We both felt a bit of trepidation as the ride slowly moved to the top, then clicked into position.

We hung there for a while, our seat clinging to the center post. We looked at each other, my daughter and I, wondering why were we waiting for the ride to start.

Then, we heard the whirring begin as the ride started to revolve. While it started out slow, it got faster and faster and faster! We looked at each other not sure if we could handle the speed anymore!

All of a sudden our faces were splattered with some gooey liquid. Because we were going so fast we could not help but inhaling, and the liquid went into our mouths. We looked at each other in surprise because it tasted just like a chocolate cake batter! Why? Because it was!

Just like the creatures in that locker in that movie “The Men in Black,” we were just like them clinging to life on the top of an egg beater in some giant creature’s kitchen!
This is an entry to Alastair’s Photo Fiction. They call this “flash fiction.” This challenge is to write something between 100-200 words to go with the photo. I made it to just 200! Thank you Alastair for the challenge!

I hope that you enjoyed this post, and wish you a marvelous Monday! Thanks for stopping by!

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