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Sauteed Mushrooms

There is nothing like the smell of garlic cooking in butter…and when you add a good mushroom to the mix, the aroma definitely gets the mouth watering! A simple saute of mushrooms in butter with garlic can be used a number of ways. Serve them over steak; or mix them into steamed vegetables; or use them in a soup!

Crimini Mushrooms
Fresh Ground Pepper

Start with the mushrooms and slice them, or rough chop like I have done here.

Crimini Mushrooms

Then finely chop up the garlic and add them to your saute pan along with some butter.

4 cloves of garlic with 2 TBS butter

Set your pan over medium high heat and get the butter and garlic going. When the aroma of the garlic rises, add in the mushrooms and some fresh ground pepper.

Midway through cooking

Stir it up occasionally until lightly browned and garlic is cooked through.Then serve it up!

Serve these puppies up!

What do you do with sauteed mushrooms?

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