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Some Simple Home Remedies

As one goes through life, one comes across unusual remedies using ordinary items that one might have around the house. Let me tell you about about how I got rid of a wart on my pinky finger and tell you about the uses of some other items you might have in your home…

I had this pesky, unsightly ugly wart on my pinky that went over the top most joint from side to side. Can you picture that? Oh was it ugly. I tried the over the counter products. Didn’t work. My Dad bought it from me. Didn’t work. I cut a potato in half and rubbed it over the wart then buried the potato. Didn’t work. I had it frozen at the Dr.’s office. Didn’t work.

What did work was Castor Oil!

Castor Oil – Photo from BeautyWithinMe.com

I actually got this remedy from a book of Edgar Cayce’s readings. At night before you go to bed, take a cotton ball, and holding it against the top of the open bottle, tip the bottle to get some of the oil on the cotton ball. Take the cotton ball and place the castor oil side down on the wart. Secure the cotton ball with a band-aid. Leave this on overnight and remove this in the morning. It took me about two weeks of doing this for the little nasty to disappear! Apparently castor oil is a great anti-fungal!

Here are some other tips…

* Drinking two glasses of Gatorade will help to get rid of a headache!


* When you begin an exercise regime and have not exercised for a while, have you noticed how your muscles ache afterwards? To relieve this pain, add 2 cups of espsom salts to a tub of hot water and soak for a half hour, the results, no achy muscles!

Epsom Salts – Photo from LoveLifeWithEO.com

* Have a bad cold? From a Swedish remedy book I found this. Fill your tub with the hottest water you can stand and add two cups of thyme leaves. Soak for a half hour, and let yourself sweat. When you get out of the tub, dry off, don your bathrobe, then jump into bed and cover yourself with a load of blankets so that you continue to sweat. Stay there for at least a half hour. This helps to kill the germs that gave you the cold!

Thyme leaves – Photo from Herb-Magic.com

* Working around the yard, you sometimes find yourself with splinters. Teeny, tiny splinters. When you are unable to use the tweezers to remove the splinters, try some Elmer’s Glue! Put a drop of the glue on the splinter and let it dry. Once dry, pull off the patch of glue and the splinter will come with it!

Elmer’s Glue

These are just a few remedies that I have tried that have worked. Do you have any home remedies? Please feel free to share them with my readers!

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