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In every trip one has a favorite moment. I had many, and wanted to share these with you. I need to tell you, that on this trip, I took over 1,000 photos. “1,000?!” you say. The answer of course is yes, but I took more at Yellowstone! Hey, do you want to see those photos? Let me know!

In no particular order…

Unexpected pleasures

You must click on the above photo! It was not until I was reviewing photos for this blog that I realized I captured a Hawaiian preying mantis. Not green like the ones here…so look closely!

A fern unfurls

A zebra on the Island of Hawaii

A pair of Java Sparrows

A stand of palms

Coming up for air

Eye to eye

Dessicated crab

Fish in a pond

If you click on the photo above, you will see the fish in the pond. The unique thing in this photo, taken on the Sacred Grounds, is the circles under the water. I do not remember seeing these the last time we were there. I wonder why they are there.

Hawaiian puffer fish

Look closely to see this little guy! He was dark in color with really blue spots on the body…

Lone tree in lava

Mushrooms in moss

One horny dude!

I have never seen such big horns! Have you?

Red sea urchin

Sneak peak

The ocean blue

Waves of Lava

I hope that you enjoyed these photos!

One repeat photo that made my day:


Stay tuned for upcoming recipes! And, I will be starting work in my greenhouse this coming weekend! Good to be home, and miss our new friends that we met in Hawaii!

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