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It was to be a day on the ocean! I am so excited to be going out fishing today, and also that I am taking you with me! So, pop a couple of Dramamine and let’s get going!

We arrive at the marina just as the Sea Wife II pulls into the pier.

Sea Wife II

We draw numbers for the fishing rotation and I get my lucky number: Three. There are six anglers today. Captain Kent takes us through the safety drills on the ocean before we head out. Our first mate is Reese and he is busy setting up the rods and lures. Captain Kent fires up the engines and off we go! As we leave the marina we are greeted by a pod of Spinner Dolphin.

Spinner Dolphin

As we head out, Reese gets the lines and lures out into the water. The ocean is calm with swells of about a foot.

Looking back at the Kona shore

We were out for about an hour when the reels started screaming! Stations 1 and 2 both had hits! The two anglers were fighting to bring in the fish. Unfortunately for angler number one lost his fish, but number two was struggling! Standing behind him and watching the line I spotted the silver flash of the fish as it darted under the boat. Reese grabbed the gaff and the fish was brought in! How exciting to see this 10 pound skipjack tuna!

Bringing in a fish

Soon we hit an area where the rain started to come down pretty good and we were all dampened by the rain.

Caught in a storm

Captain Kent turned the boat away from the storm and into deeper water. Looking back at the shore we see Moana Loa.

Moana Loa Volcano View from the Ocean

We were heading to what Kent called the abyss. The drop off there: 6,000 feet!

A View from the Boat

Fishing is a waiting game and I got to know some of the other anglers.

Barb - The Salmon Fishing Queen

Reese had put the big guns out there. Huge reels with lures that resembled squid. I sat in the chair and waited.

Patience is a Virtue

The lures attracted a tropical frigate bird that hovered and then dove down towards to squid lures.

Tropical Frigate Bird

We passed by an area where they are raising Amber Jack tuna.

Amber Jack Fish Farm

Well, the rest of the trip was uneventful. But then that is why they call if fishing and not catching! We headed back to the marina.

Coming back to the pier

Even though I did not catch anything today, I still had a blast on the boat and look forward to my next fishing adventure, wherever that may be! Thank you for coming along!

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