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Our last outing took us to the northern part of the Big Island to the Pololu Valley, Keokea Bay and the little town of Hawi. The most notable thing about the northern portion of this island is the wind! The second most was the greenery and the beauty!

We made our way to Pololu, which has an amazing overlook where one can see the amazing cliffs.

A view of the coastline

Looking inland is a beautiful valley.

Pololu Valley

Looking down at the valley floor from an incredible height we see a small stream running through the valley.

A stream bed meanders towards the coast

A small forest borders the stream.

The valley floor

We get back into the car and head back down the road to a small beach area where Keokea Bay is. This is definitely worth the drive to see.

Beautiful Keokea Bay

The waves were impressive! I loved the way the water splashed against the rocks!

Waves crash on the rocks

Some of the rocks there were quite unusual.

Rocks at Keokea Bay

We left KeoKea Bay and made our way to Hawi. It is a tiny town, and if you sneeze you will miss it! If you venture to this town, be sure to stop by The Lighthouse Deli, where my husband had the best Rueben sandwich he has ever eaten. I had the Italian, which was 3 kinds of salami, mortadella, prosciutto, cheese and a wonderful blend of veges on the sandwich. Sorry, no photos of the food, but I did capture another amazing gecko!

A Gecko at Hawi

We headed back to Kona. We were sad to leave the Island, and our new found friends. Join me later as I return to life in the foothills!

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