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I have started to count down the days to planting. Tomorrow we will be putting the layers together for the lasagne garden. And planting will start next week. In order to acclimate the plants to the cooler temperatures, I will be leaving the greenhouse doors open overnight, with something to block the critters from getting the plants.

Remember what the greenhouse looked like 6 days ago? Here is the left side from April 30th.

Left side of the greenhouse on April 30th

Here it is today.

Left side of the greenhouse

The right side from April 30th looked like this.

Right side of the greenhouse April 30th


Right side of the greenhouse

Do you remember the potatoes from the 30th? Here is the photo again.

Potatoes on April 30th

Here they are today.


These are already over the top of the containers!    I still need to add more dirt to the pots but will not do this until I move them outside. They are very heavy!

I still have some slow growers. The slowest are the poblano peppers. So far only three have sprouted. The tomatoes and love in the mist are the next. The tomatoes are at about two inches and the love in the mist about one inch.

Stay tuned in as tomorrow me and my friend Jorge will be creating the lasagna garden and I will be taking photos as we go!

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The last day of April has finally arrived and my greenhouse is growing! The poblano peppers finally started to pop their heads as did the heirloom tomatoes! These are the last seedlings to emerge. I wanted you to see what things look like today…we are a short distance away from these guys going into the ground. In a couple of days I will be leaving the door to the greenhouse open at night to acclimate the plants to the cooler evening temperatures.

Left side of the greenhouse

Right side of the greenhouse

The potato pots have had additional soil added to them and I will be adding more again. The greens need to remain above the soil so the plants stay healthy.


Acorn squash and cucumbers


Green beans


Tuscan melons

Zucchini and wax beans

What are you doing for your garden this year? Let me know!

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