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A few years ago we made a trek out to the Petrified National Forest. This park was named a National Monument back in the early 1900’s and did not become a National Park until 1962. It covers quite an area too, about 160 acres! It’s northern most point falls into the Painted Desert, which is another amazing site to see. The trees and fossils in this area date back 225 million years! So, now take my hand and let’s go take a walk and look at some of the sights shall we?

Downed trees line the park

A look at bark

Can you see the rings?

This is one big tree…

Now here is my husband, who is 6’6″, standing near the root end, which is on the left in the photo above.

The root end of the tree

The center core of a tree

Litter in the park

The colors are amazing!

A downed tree once used as a bridge

The tree in the above photo crosses a small ravine, and folks used to walk across it. See the concrete on the underside? It is no longer safe and they want to preserve the tree itself.

The inner core is exposed

If you are interested in visiting this park click here for information.

I hope that you enjoyed the trip! Thanks for stopping by and go and have a great Wednesday!

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