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Recently, Yahoo was doing something as I was unable to access my email account for most of the day. My Yahoo email address was associated with this WordPress blog, and since that particular day that Yahoo was unavailable, I stopped getting notifications of comments made by readers, likes by readers, and post notifications for those who blogs I am subscribed to. This is why I did a previous post to my readers on February 12th, 2012.

I put something out on the WordPress forum thinking that something changed within WordPress. I was wrong. The change was in Yahoo. Today I created a new email account with another provider and the emails came pouring in. My husband and a friend from Ireland both told me to change my email to another company and I am glad that I did.

Right now, my husband is trying to change my email address in his Yahoo address book and guess what? It will not let him change and SAVE the email address. Also, I have all of a sudden been getting spam from some place that I have never heard of and I am unable to block the ads.

I just actually went to my email contact list in Yahoo and found, which astounded me, that I now have 250 contacts. And, it seems that something was changed within Yahoo, that whoever sends me an email all of a sudden gets added to my email contacts. What is up with that? I had chosen to add people myself. I also exported the file of contacts to my new email account and none of them went over. What is with that?

Tonight, my husband noticed that there is now a link in Yahoo for Facebook contacts. Why? Did Zuckerberg’s group buy Yahoo? Could this transition be the cause? Does anyone know? Why did Yahoo change?

I have used Yahoo since it has been around, and now, not so sure if I ever what to go back there again. How about you? If you have a Yahoo email account, please let me know by commenting to this blog if you are experiencing similar problems. And I thank you in advance for doing so.

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To My Readers…

Thank you to all who have subscribed to my blog! I am having some issues that I am trying to resolve with WordPress. I am no longer getting notifications of anyone subscribing or liking my blogs.

I want to thank you with this blog and until I can get this fixed please excuse me for not responding!


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