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This mornings news was not of what good is being done in the world, but of yet another massacre of innocents, the youngest five years old. In Newtown, CT, here in the U.S., a 24 year old killed his mother before heading off to the local elementary school where she had worked and he killed 27 people, 18 of them children.

This rocked me to my core. I do not have children of my own, but there are many of our young that are most precious to me. I sit here crying for the all of those lost on this tragic day, and my heart goes out to all who lost a loved one and to those who were injured in this senseless act.

I ask that you give yourself a moment of silence and offer up a prayer for not only those who lost, but for the damage this has done to the very young.

To the families affected by this tragedy, I mourn your loss with you. This is for you and for all the victims on this tragic day.

In Memory - Newtown, Connecticut 12/14/12

In Memory – Newtown, Connecticut 12/14/12

May those that have passed on rest in peace. To the survivors, may God heal all of your wounds of this day…

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