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Today, I am taking part in Alastair Forbes’ flash fiction challenge: Sunday Photo Fiction! The challenge is to write a story to go with the photo that uses about 200 words. My word count today is 199! I hope that you enjoy my bit of flash!

New Year's Eve - Photo by Alastair Forbes

New Year’s Eve – Photo by Alastair Forbes

She was celebrating the New Year with her friends in Times Square. Clusters of people surrounded she and her friends. Everyone was laughing, smiling and waiting for the famous ball to drop. Time ticked by…

Just before midnight, someone handed her a drink. Voices began to count, “Five, four, three, two…Happy New Year!” Along with everyone else, she downed her drink.

She suddenly felt strange. Her body felt very heavy. Looking up at the fireworks display her vision blurred. She dropped to the ground feeling hands grabbing at her as she was dragged off by her armpits. She watched as her feet bumped along the ground. Her tongue was thick, and she found she could not speak, though she did try.

She looked up to see the face of who was pulling her along, but he was looking behind him. She then felt hands grab her feet. Lifted into a van, she watched the door slide shut. She blacked out.

She awoke sitting in a chair, hands and feet bound, a gag covering her mouth. A TV flickered in front of her. She watched as the news reporter spoke of a kidnapping. Her eyes widened when her photo appeared.

*  *  *  *  *

Thank you Al for hosting this challenge and for the inspiring photo!  I hope that you, dear reader, have enjoyed my bit of flash!  Have a spectacular Sunday!  Be well!      ^..^

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