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Springtime in the Sierra Foothills is an amazing season. Trees and shrubs are leafing out, water is running down the rivers and streams and the wildflowers are blooming. For those who suffer allergies, this is a tough season to get through due to the volume of pollen in the air. I took a walk down the road with camera in hand to share with you some of the wildflowers in the area. To get a full appreciation of these blooms, you might want to click on the photo to enlarge it so that you can enjoy the detail!

Here is what I found:


Vetch is a vine that springs up everywhere. It is a vine that twines around everything near it.

Scotch Broom

Scotch Broom is considered an invasive plant up here in the foothills. The flower on this plant resembles that of a pea. It is a shrub that gets to about 5 feet. There is a secondary variety of this shrub that is called Lena that has a red blush in the flower.

Scotch Broom – Lena

Another shrub that is blooming everywhere is a native lilac. Sprays of these flowers abounds everywhere you turn.

White wild lilac

Nothing could be more beautiful than the lupine that mass in areas.

A field of lupine


Here and there you come upon a beautiful yellow flower called the monkey flower.

Monkey flower

We also have a native iris that is quite splendid.

Wild iris

Here is more iris with a small bell shaped flower called fairy lantern. I was unable to identify the yellow flower in this photo.

Wild iris, Fairy Lantern and an unknown yellow blossom

We also have a native azalea here that when it blooms, the shrub appears to be on fire.

Native azaleas

And wild grasses are everywhere. As the wind blows through the fields of these grasses it resembles waves on the ocean.

Unknown grass but beautiful

There are many others that are out there just waiting to bloom. Stay tuned for a visit with those gems!

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