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Good day to you my fellow bloggers and readers. I have been under the weather for a number of days and finally feel, as I recover, able to concentrate on writing a story. I am participating in Friday Fictioneers, hosted by the lovely Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. This challenge requires a complete story using 100 words or less. Here is the photo prompt and my story…

Mutated Moths - Photo by Madison Woods

Mutated Moths – Photo by Madison Woods

Few knew about the mutation of moths. These unassuming insects had turned carnivore. I discovered this the other night at home.

I was sitting outside eating my burger. I needed more mustard. I separated the bun from the burg then went to get it. When I came back, moths covered my food. They appeared to be tearing at the meat. I watched for a bit and then waved them off. Reluctantly they left.

Three days later, after work I went back to Mickey D’s to grab a bite. Who do you think I found at the drive up window?

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Thanks go out to Rochelle for hosting, and to Madison for the inspiring photo. To you dear reader, thanks and be well… ^..^

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I had just picked a few grapes to add to my fruit salad yesterday and noticed a bare branch on the apricot tree. I thought that it was just a dead branch, but it wasn’t! Here is what I found at first glance:

Look at what I spied!

“What the heck are these creatures?” I asked myself? I still had to take more photos to share with you all…

A closer look

Another view

Full length view

Redhumped Catepillar

I came back inside and looked this critter up on the internet. It is a redhumped caterpillar!  If you click on the photo above, you will see the little winky red hump!

A cluster on the cut branch

Red faces chewing, chewing, chewing.
Leaves disappearing, disappearing, disappearing.
Yellow bodies, stripped in white and red.
Bodies growing with each leaf shred,
Oh, to head on down the tree
What will I find that is for me?
A ground hard as could be,
For me to burrow in and make a cocoon in the winter dead.
And next year when the sun warms the earth,
In all proud glory I will emerge.
A brown moth that I will be,
To lay my eggs on the Apricot Tree!


Redhumped Moth – Photo by Peter J. Bryant

What lurks in your garden?

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