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To My Husband –

Thank you for eleven wonderful years! I love you! Remember this song?

I will dance in your arms forever!

You are my one true love and thank you for sharing life with me!

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In our house we have some standing agreements. This helps us in making life easier here in our household. The agreements? My husband cooks on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday’s. I cook the rest of the time. The other agreement: Who ever cooks dinner the other one cleans.

Tonight my husband is in the kitchen cooking. Sometimes he can burn water, but other nights he is spot on. This post was his idea. He thought I should feature his cooking prowess. So, upon his request, I wanted to feature tonight’s meal prepared by my husband.

As I sit here waiting for dinner to cook I am overwhelmed by the aromas of tomato sauce and cheese. Could he be making lasagne? What a perfect dinner for a night when it is not only raining, but cold outside? Right now the thermometer is registering 48 degrees. Quite a change from the high 80’s of last week. As an aside, it has me wondering if I should pull my winter clothes out of storage or should I wait? In 2006 it was warm enough to sit outside in November in jeans and a t-shirt. What is one to do?

Back to my husband cooking! Oh, he is in the kitchen right now! He is pulling something out of the oven! He is telling me that we have to wait 5 minutes before he can serve dinner! My stomach is growling! I think to myself, “Have I taught him something about being in the kitchen?” The little voice in my head says, “Maybe…maybe not…” I am anxiously awaiting what we are having for dinner as tonight I have been ousted from the kitchen! Ticking down the time…

T-minus 4 and counting.

T-minus 3 and counting.

T-minus 2 and counting.

T-minus 1 and counting.
57….skip to 5…

Voila! Here is a photo of my husbands creation tonight!

Such a lovely lasagne!

How was it? Well, it needed a bit more sauce but overall, it was not bad. When I was asked, I told him how proud I was of him finally putting together all by himself such a tasty dish. And, tonight he even cleaned up! Bonus night!

After he went to bed, I went to throw something in the trash, and this is what I found that I just had to share…

Who really made dinner!

I knew that there was something familiar about this! Well, I do have to give him credit for trying! Thank you my husband for making a really good dinner!

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This morning after hauling huge rocks to outline our driveway, which came out very nice by the way, my husband and I took a break and sat in our respective chairs on the front deck. We were having a discussion on the plants in the center island.

Now, I love plants and have learned a lot of the Latin names for them which is generally how I refer to them. Our neighbor Kathy was here earlier and I was rattling off the names which had both her and my husband both shaking their heads. Sorry Kathy, and you too my husband!

Needless to say, as we sat in our respective chairs enjoying some juice, we were talking about how good the center island in the driveway looks. I had just planted a couple of baby Dogwood trees given to us last year by Al Veerkamp who started the first nursery here in Placerville. So here is how the discussion went:

Me: I found a couple of baby Redbud trees in the garden by the pine at 2:00 and thought that I would plant them somewhere else in the island.

Husband: OK. That sounds good. Maybe between the oak and the Dogwoods you planted.

Me: Well, the Dogwoods are sitting at 10:30.

Husband: 10:30? There is no 10:30!

Me: Yes there is! It is between 10:00 and 11:00!

A serious discussion

Husband: No, you only use full hours, you do not add half hours. You say between 10 and 11.

Me: No because there is a 10:30 just as there is a 10:45!

Husband: No! Only the whole hour, not in increments!

Me: But the increments exist!

10:30, there is no 10:30!

Husband: Yeah, on the face of a clock! This was a designation used by pilots in WWII so that the crew knew who was talking about what someone was saying. They never mentioned 10:30!

Me: So what’s your point? The Dogwoods are sitting at 10:30!

Husband: (Don’t know why he was doing this but he was slapping his forehead!) Geez!

Me: Maybe we should just use a digital clock! 🙂

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