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My friend Kathy told me about a thing called lasagne gardening.  She seems to have great success with this method and because of this, and the fact that my plants are just about ready to be planted I thought I would give it a go.

Here is what I have learned about this type of garden:

The garden bed is in layers.  After the first layer of newspaper, the next layer will be peat moss.  Every other layer that you choose to do is peat moss.  So, in essence, you are creating a lasagne in the garden with layers of food for the plants!  And the peat moss that you use can be considered the noodles!

Lasagne garden layers – Drawing from DesperateGardener com

What Kathy told me is so cool about this kind of garden is that there are very few weeds and whatever weeds you do get pull up really easily.  Also, that once you get your layers down, you can plant right away.  Sounds to good to be true?  Well, we shall find out.

The plan for tomorrow is to rake up what leaves I have remaining in the yard from the last fall season.  I have a bunch of newspaper courtesy of a pal from work, and Kathy has additional for me.   I will be buying 3 bags of peat moss and two bags of manure.  The rest I have here.

My plan for my layers:  Newspaper, followed by peat moss.  Next layer will be the raked up leaves followed by peat moss.  The next layer will be the manure followed by, yes, peat moss.  Then this layer will be topped with the compost that I have been accumulating for the last 5 years.   My layers, with the exception of the newspaper, which kills the weeds and relieves me of having to rototill, will all be about 1″ thick.  Once this is all together, the garden will be ready to plant.  I will hold off one more week to plant everything around Mother’s Day.  This also gives me time to acclimate the plants from the greenhouse to the natural temperatures outside.

I also read about this type of gardening from a book Kathy loaned me called “Lasagne Gardening,” written by Patricia Lanza.  One of the things that struck me from what I read in this book is that with this type of gardening, plants can be planted closer together than what is recommended on the seed packets.  OK, so I am going to give this a go, and the best part is you get to come along with me on this trip! So stay tuned for updates!

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