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When we left off, we were at one area of the park where were got our first view of Kilauea! It was amazing! We left there and found ourselves at the Thurston Lava Tubes. The area: A rainforest!

We found ourselves feeling like Alice did in Alice in Wonderland, finding ourselves as tiny creatures amongst the biggest ferns I think I have ever seen.

A perspective on the size of the plants

My husband is in this photo on the bottom left corner. The fern emerges directly opposite him!

Fiddlesticks? The emerging fern leaves are called fiddles, and were were amongst some of the biggest I have ever seen!

One big fiddle!

These ferns were so amazing, and I took loads of photos!

A glorious fern fiddle

The center of a giant fern

Up close and personal

The colors are quite amazing as these things open up.

The fiddles as it opens

The red in the leaves of the ferns was used by the earlier Hawaiians as a dye.

Newly opened fern leaf

I hope that you enjoyed these ferns as much as I did! They are part of the rainforest here surrounds that surrounds the Thurston Lava Tube where we will head in Part III!

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This week, the Sierra Foothills is moving to the Foothills on the Island of Hawaii for a much needed vacation! Would you like to see what a lava tube looks like? Or, what it would be like to be on the deck of a fishing boat fishing in the deep sea off the Island of Hawaii? Have you ever wondered what the coral reefs look like close up? How about the fluorescent blue, hot pink, fluorescent green gecko right in your face? What about coffee plantations and where King Kamehameha lived?

How about taking a trip with me and my husband to the Island of Hawaii? Interested?


Tune in as I will be doing a daily blog and hopefully the internet connection will work with me!

Our base camp will be in Kailua-Kona.

Hawaii National Parks Map

Kailua-Kona is on the eastern shore midway on the island.

I hope that you will join us on this journey, and that you will enjoy the trip as much as we do! So let us start the count down! The first blog on this Hawaiian adventure will be posted on Sunday, March 25th! See you then! Aloha!

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