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In every trip one has a favorite moment. I had many, and wanted to share these with you. I need to tell you, that on this trip, I took over 1,000 photos. “1,000?!” you say. The answer of course is yes, but I took more at Yellowstone! Hey, do you want to see those photos? Let me know!

In no particular order…

Unexpected pleasures

You must click on the above photo! It was not until I was reviewing photos for this blog that I realized I captured a Hawaiian preying mantis. Not green like the ones here…so look closely!

A fern unfurls

A zebra on the Island of Hawaii

A pair of Java Sparrows

A stand of palms

Coming up for air

Eye to eye

Dessicated crab

Fish in a pond

If you click on the photo above, you will see the fish in the pond. The unique thing in this photo, taken on the Sacred Grounds, is the circles under the water. I do not remember seeing these the last time we were there. I wonder why they are there.

Hawaiian puffer fish

Look closely to see this little guy! He was dark in color with really blue spots on the body…

Lone tree in lava

Mushrooms in moss

One horny dude!

I have never seen such big horns! Have you?

Red sea urchin

Sneak peak

The ocean blue

Waves of Lava

I hope that you enjoyed these photos!

One repeat photo that made my day:


Stay tuned for upcoming recipes! And, I will be starting work in my greenhouse this coming weekend! Good to be home, and miss our new friends that we met in Hawaii!

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Night was fast approaching as I picked up the camera and headed towards the beach.  It was a balmy 80 degrees.  Thunder rumbled over the volcano.  The breeze wafted by carrying the sweet salt smell of the ocean.  I settled down on a lawn chair with my camera at the ready.  There was a low fog clinging to the horizon, and I raised my camera.

The lowering sun

The sun kisses the Pacific

Still life on the ocean

Until tomorrow!

I hope that you enjoyed this sunset as much as I did!

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This was to be a fight to the finish! The players were in the ring and ready to go! Tension amongst the audience was high! Some were rooting for the Jackson, others for the Gecko! Jackson and the Gecko stood in opposing corners!

Jackson vs. the Gecko

Now you see the reason that this is Jackson vs. the Gecko is because the Jackson eats the Geckos. Jackson moves in.

Jackson on the defensive

Jackson comes out full guns, exposing his flared out throat in a challenge!

Jackson full guns

Jackson moves in for the kill! The audience is in a state of suspense! Then, suddenly, a huge figure moves in. The audience, you can just hear them, let out a roar of surprise! Intervention occurs and the Gecko sighs in relief as he has been spared one more day. The Jackson runs off yelling, “Drats!”

Before I intervene

“Next time,” the Jackson thinks to himself!

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The next part of our tour of the Volcanoes National Park took us to the caldera known as Kilauea Iki. This part of the volcano is a pit crater. It was in August of 1959 that a swarm of earthquakes occurred and a new cinder cone formed. They named this cone Puʻu Puaʻi, which translates to “gushing hill.” We were walking on a trail leading up to the crater pit marveling at the greenery, when it opened up to this view!

First View of Kilauea Iki

We were standing so high above the caldera here and the view was breathtaking. There is a dark shelf at the bottom of the cone and this is where the lava gushed back in 1959. If you click on the photo to enlarge it, then look at the bottom right corner you will actually see people on the caldera floor where the gusher occurred!

Pit Crater of Kilauea Iki

Here they are as close up as I could get them!

The floor of Kilauea Iki

Next is a close up view of the dome.

The top of the dome

And finally a panoramic view of the whole caldera.

Panoramic of Kilauea Iki

As we walked away from the caldera we noticed alongside the trail these dark spots. It turns out they are what I call rifts that drop down to who knows how deep. In one area we noticed hot air coming from below.

A rift

We next head off to the Jagger museum and along the way find the steam vents. Stay tuned!

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There is so much to see of Kilauea, that I decided to break this down into parts. So this is part 1 of our journey through the Volcanoes National Park!

Entrance to the park

Our first stop took us down a trail that leads to the one of the viewing areas of Kilauea.

On the way to see the Kilauea caldera

We walk around a corner of the trail and there she is: Kilauea!

First view of Kilauea

The opening to the is pretty big, so I took a couple of photos and stitched them together. I used my zoom lens for this shot. Be sure to click on the photo to see the details in this panoramic view.


My favorite author, Mark Twain, visited the volcanoes. There is a plaque that takes an excerpt from his book “Roughing It.”

Mark Twain was here

What is really interesting is watching how the sulfur plume changes.

The sulfur that pours out is continually changing

The smoke thickens

Next we head towards the Thurston tubes, which is a tube that lava once traveled through! So, stay tuned!

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This week, the Sierra Foothills is moving to the Foothills on the Island of Hawaii for a much needed vacation! Would you like to see what a lava tube looks like? Or, what it would be like to be on the deck of a fishing boat fishing in the deep sea off the Island of Hawaii? Have you ever wondered what the coral reefs look like close up? How about the fluorescent blue, hot pink, fluorescent green gecko right in your face? What about coffee plantations and where King Kamehameha lived?

How about taking a trip with me and my husband to the Island of Hawaii? Interested?


Tune in as I will be doing a daily blog and hopefully the internet connection will work with me!

Our base camp will be in Kailua-Kona.

Hawaii National Parks Map

Kailua-Kona is on the eastern shore midway on the island.

I hope that you will join us on this journey, and that you will enjoy the trip as much as we do! So let us start the count down! The first blog on this Hawaiian adventure will be posted on Sunday, March 25th! See you then! Aloha!

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