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This is not an easy task that I have asked all in the blog world to take on, only because there are a number of blogs that fit the qualifications for the “Master Blogger Award.” But I settled on one that met the criteria that I have set out. So with that in mind, I have the great honor and privilege to bestow the “Master Blogger Award,” or the “Masters Award” to this fellow blogger.

The Masters

Here are the rules for bestowal of this award. All of the following criteria must be met by the blog site receiving this award. The blog site must be:

1) Inspirational – The blogs must inspire one in some way
2) Informative – The blog overall, must in one way or another impart information in a creative and captivating way
3) Imaginative – The blog must titillate the imagination, making you see, hear or feel the message they are trying to impart.
4) Insightful – The blog should capture the inner nature of what is being written about, photographed, et al…and this includes seeing intuitively.

The Rules:

1) The blogger bestowing this award must tell why they are bestowing their award based on the four criteria. All the criteria have to be met.

2) The blogger bestowing the award must do so in a post on their blog site and include “The Masters Award” emblem. They must also include in their post a link to the site that they are bestowing the award to. Please notify the person who you are bestowing the award upon with a note to them on their site.

3) The site who the award is bestowed upon must write a post of thanks, linking their post back to the site who bestowed the award upon them.

4) In the same post, they must pass on the award based upon the criteria and they must follow these rules.

It is my honor and privilege, to bestow “The Masters Award” to “The Why About This” and creator Penny I. Howe whose blog you can find by clicking on the following link:

The Why About This

I am bestowing this award to Penny because within her blog I find:

* Inspiration that lies within the words that she carefully chooses that make you think about life and how one can make theirs better.
* Information is presented to the reader in a manner that flows from word to word making it easy to read and understand.
* Imagination resounds on this site not only with her art but her poetry as well!
* Insight abounds on Penny’s site as she shares her own self discovery. She carefully weaves this insight in a way that not only inspires, and informs, but tickles the imagination of the reader!

Penny, it is an honor to bestow this award on you! I ask that you please take the time to pass this on to another as deserving as yourself!

Congratulations to you Penny and thank you for Mastering the Art of Blogging!

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So much of what is received in email is questionable. So much of the legends we hear about here in the Sierra Foothills are questionable. So much of what is in the news is questionable. Do you believe everything you read and hear? I can’t tell you how many times I have heard from folks that they got an email, or heard a local story, or something in the media, that just has to be true. Because it was in an email, or, on the internet, or told to us by the news media, it just has to be true! Is it time to wake up?

My husband recounted a story for me many times of when he was in the fourth grade. He was told if you do not know something, and want to find out about a topic, go look it up and research it. The difference between today and back then is back then there was no internet. You actually had to go to a library. Today, the internet is loaded with good information and a lot of mis-information. You just have to weed through it to discover what is correct and what isn’t. Googling something is not the end all be all of information, and same with Yahoo.

If you look up Placerville, CA on the internet and go to the Wikipedia website, it states that Placerville is located in the “Sacramento–Arden-Arcade–Roseville Metropolitan Statistical Area.” This is not correct. We are located in El Dorado County, which they do have correct. The Arden Arcade area is near the western side of Sacramento, and Roseville is in the northern metropolitan area quite a distance away from Arden Arcade. Placerville is 42 miles from Sacramento, and is not located in Sacramento County where Arden Arcade and Roseville are.

If you read my blog on the Dogwoods, then you have seen a good example of story telling. We were told about the local Indian legend of the snow on the Dogwoods, and guess what? I researched the topic and found that this was something that had to do with people of the olden days watching nature. It had nothing to do with our local Native Americans.

It is great that the site Snopes.com exists, and they are one of the very few websites that actually looks into the validity of what gets passed around the internet. We need more sites like this. Does anyone out there know of another site like Snopes? If you do, please let me know.

So if you are looking for information about fruits and vegetables, go look at an agricultural website. If you want to find something out that is historical, go to the historical archives where the history you are looking for occurred. You get my drift. Don’t believe everything you read or hear. Look it up and verify the information!

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