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Inside the Bridge - Photo by Alastair Forbes

Inside the Bridge – Photo by Alastair Forbes

The place she was in was cold and damp. She could hear the sound of a waterfall. She was chilled to the bone. She had to get out. It seemed like days since he had been there last to torment her.

Today she heard the sound of children’s laughter, and the clopping sound of horse hooves. People were near her, she just had to let them know that she was there. The problem was that the sound of water drowned out her shouts for help.

Determined that today would be the day she would find freedom, she took a careful inventory of the room. A crack in the brick wall shed a bit of light enabling her to see what was at hand. Looking around she spied a rusty metal hook. Grabbing it she tucked it in her pocket.

She heard the sound of the door creaking. He was back. She clutched the hook in her pocket. He sauntered in, reeking of alcohol. She backed against the damp wall feigning sleep. He leaned in close pushing back the hair from her brow.

She lashed out with the hook catching his carotid artery. Blood sprayed the room and she walked out.
Thank you Alastair Forbes of Sunday Photo Fiction for the inspiration to join in on this flash fiction!

I am glad that you stopped by today for a bit of flash! Now go out and enjoy your Sunday! And, sleep well tonight!

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