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Henry's New Throne - Photo by Alastair Forbes

Henry’s New Throne – Photo by Alastair Forbes

This is a story of a king and his throne, and one seldom heard of.

Gertrude is a fine seamstress. She is known to have the swiftest needle in the entire kingdom. You just did not want to piss her off by complaining about anything she made, only because she had a funny way of getting back at you.

Her husband, Rolf, is a fine carpenter. He lovingly worked as quickly as he could to create a new throne after the last one broke. Together with his wife, they crafted a very handsome piece. The following day was to be the unveiling and they hoped it would pass muster.

They stood at the very back of the room as the king swept in. Walking tall and proud he made his way to the throne. Stepping up on the dais, he turned and planted himself on the seat. He held onto the arms tightly as he tested it out. Smiling, he waved Gertrude to the front of the room.

She approached the king. Whispering in her ear, she looked at him in shock. Raising the royal tookis, Gertrude inspected the area, and apologetically pulled the needle from Henry’s backside. Rolf smiled.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sunday Photo Fiction

Sunday Photo Fiction

A huge thanks goes out to Alastair Forbes for hosting Sunday Photo Fiction, and for the amazing photo that inspired this story.

Thank you dear reader for stopping by and be well! ^..^

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