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In every trip one has a favorite moment. I had many, and wanted to share these with you. I need to tell you, that on this trip, I took over 1,000 photos. “1,000?!” you say. The answer of course is yes, but I took more at Yellowstone! Hey, do you want to see those photos? Let me know!

In no particular order…

Unexpected pleasures

You must click on the above photo! It was not until I was reviewing photos for this blog that I realized I captured a Hawaiian preying mantis. Not green like the ones here…so look closely!

A fern unfurls

A zebra on the Island of Hawaii

A pair of Java Sparrows

A stand of palms

Coming up for air

Eye to eye

Dessicated crab

Fish in a pond

If you click on the photo above, you will see the fish in the pond. The unique thing in this photo, taken on the Sacred Grounds, is the circles under the water. I do not remember seeing these the last time we were there. I wonder why they are there.

Hawaiian puffer fish

Look closely to see this little guy! He was dark in color with really blue spots on the body…

Lone tree in lava

Mushrooms in moss

One horny dude!

I have never seen such big horns! Have you?

Red sea urchin

Sneak peak

The ocean blue

Waves of Lava

I hope that you enjoyed these photos!

One repeat photo that made my day:


Stay tuned for upcoming recipes! And, I will be starting work in my greenhouse this coming weekend! Good to be home, and miss our new friends that we met in Hawaii!

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Grab some popcorn and check out the movie that my husband made featuring Pu’uhonua o Honaunau off the coast of Kona, and Volcanoes National Park!

Feature Film of Hawaii

Hope that you enjoy this video with sea life and Kilauea!

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Our last outing took us to the northern part of the Big Island to the Pololu Valley, Keokea Bay and the little town of Hawi. The most notable thing about the northern portion of this island is the wind! The second most was the greenery and the beauty!

We made our way to Pololu, which has an amazing overlook where one can see the amazing cliffs.

A view of the coastline

Looking inland is a beautiful valley.

Pololu Valley

Looking down at the valley floor from an incredible height we see a small stream running through the valley.

A stream bed meanders towards the coast

A small forest borders the stream.

The valley floor

We get back into the car and head back down the road to a small beach area where Keokea Bay is. This is definitely worth the drive to see.

Beautiful Keokea Bay

The waves were impressive! I loved the way the water splashed against the rocks!

Waves crash on the rocks

Some of the rocks there were quite unusual.

Rocks at Keokea Bay

We left KeoKea Bay and made our way to Hawi. It is a tiny town, and if you sneeze you will miss it! If you venture to this town, be sure to stop by The Lighthouse Deli, where my husband had the best Rueben sandwich he has ever eaten. I had the Italian, which was 3 kinds of salami, mortadella, prosciutto, cheese and a wonderful blend of veges on the sandwich. Sorry, no photos of the food, but I did capture another amazing gecko!

A Gecko at Hawi

We headed back to Kona. We were sad to leave the Island, and our new found friends. Join me later as I return to life in the foothills!

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Now my husband and I are sociable people, me more so than he, but we made some friends on our trip that we hope will be with us for a long time. They made our trip! We met every day with our coffee in the morning and with our cocktails in the evening which is when we recounted our day, B.S’d, told jokes, lied and shared other bits of our lives in the early evening hours!

Before we left from our vacation I was able to talk all but one, who shall remain nameless, Paul, into my taking photos of the group that we met…So this post, before I finish up my tripology, is devoted to those that we met and who made our trip!

Pat is the good morning diva!

Pat, the Good Morning diva!

Gregg and Ron, we met the second night that we were there. Gregg and I have a cooking connection! I think that I said something that surprised them both as Chuck, one of our other new bud’s, looked on!

Are you serious?

Then they realized that I was joking with them!

Thank God you were kidding!

Chuck is the resident artist. I loved it when he said to me after showing me a number of his artistic creations, “I love show and tell!”

Chuck, the resident artist

Bob was rather shy about having his photo taken, but he finally relented!

Chuck, what are you talking about now?

Good looking, don’t ya think?

My husband had to take a photo for me at my urging, and our new friends agreed to this photo!

The folks we met on our trip

And then, the fellow on the extreme left in this next photo, suggested that we take this shot. 🙂  Something to do with all the great butts we all have!

The fellow on the left insisted on a butt shot!

To all of you that we met at the Kona Reef, thank you all for making our trip so special, and for welcoming us into your lives! We will miss you and hope to come back and visit with you all!  To our new Hawaii friends, when you share this in the morning, please give hugs all the way around!  And my husband and I would like to thank you, Pat, Gregg, Ron, Chuck, Bob, and Paul for making us feel at home!

Next we finally get to Pololu Valley, then Hawi!  Stay tuned!

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Night was fast approaching as I picked up the camera and headed towards the beach.  It was a balmy 80 degrees.  Thunder rumbled over the volcano.  The breeze wafted by carrying the sweet salt smell of the ocean.  I settled down on a lawn chair with my camera at the ready.  There was a low fog clinging to the horizon, and I raised my camera.

The lowering sun

The sun kisses the Pacific

Still life on the ocean

Until tomorrow!

I hope that you enjoyed this sunset as much as I did!

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We headed out to the northern end of the Island of Hawaii.  No particular destination other than where the wind would blow us!  We turned off where the sign indicated there was a National Park.  We pulled up to the parking lot and noticed that folks were camping and getting out of the car, we suffered through major winds we headed down towards to the beach.  Wind speeds here were between 30-40 miles per hour. But we fought the wind to where we found Spencer Beach, which is located right below Pu’ukohola Heiau National Park.    We had been to this park before, but were drawn to the water, not only by what we saw, but the wind was tossing us in every direction and blew us down to the beach.

A view from Spencer Beach Park

The colors of the water: Magnificent!

Just north of Spencer Beach

This beach is below another compound of King Kamehameha. Fish traps were built to capture the fish in a cove like structure that allowed the fish to swim in at high tide, but unable to swim out at low tide. The one here is a bit filled up with sand, but this would have been cleared out to lower the depth of the trap. The trap is the rock structure.

Another view of Spencer Beach with a fish trap

Little golden birds were everywhere, and they flitted here and there in the trees, being so illusive that I did not think that I captured this shot.

Native Bird

I took one last look back at the ocean.

Layers in the ocean

We turned to leave to head onward to Hawi, and the roots of a tree caught my eye.

Tree trunk at Spencer Beach

You can almost see a face! The trees grew parallel to the beach before rising to the 40 foot heights that they achieve! We are getting back into the car and heading on still to Pololu and Hawi!

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This was to be a fight to the finish! The players were in the ring and ready to go! Tension amongst the audience was high! Some were rooting for the Jackson, others for the Gecko! Jackson and the Gecko stood in opposing corners!

Jackson vs. the Gecko

Now you see the reason that this is Jackson vs. the Gecko is because the Jackson eats the Geckos. Jackson moves in.

Jackson on the defensive

Jackson comes out full guns, exposing his flared out throat in a challenge!

Jackson full guns

Jackson moves in for the kill! The audience is in a state of suspense! Then, suddenly, a huge figure moves in. The audience, you can just hear them, let out a roar of surprise! Intervention occurs and the Gecko sighs in relief as he has been spared one more day. The Jackson runs off yelling, “Drats!”

Before I intervene

“Next time,” the Jackson thinks to himself!

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We headed out from Kilauea Iki towards the Jagger Museum when we came upon the steam vents. This is one of the few active volcanic features that you can actually walk closely to. And the views on the tail end of our trip here in the park brought us closer and closer to the sulfuric vent of Kilauea!

The park service is restoring this area, so we had to park on the road. All around us were steam vents.

Steam vents to the right of the road

Walking towards the vents we see Kilauea.

Sulfur rises in the air by the steam vent area

I hit the trail along the steam vents.

A line of steam vents

It is truly amazing walking besides these vents. Here the air smells normal.

One view of a steam vent

Looking down into a steam vent

And the way the light hits the steam, you get a better view of the vents from the other side.

Looking back down the trail of steam vents

We then head up the road about a quarter mile, and we enter the area of The Jagger Museum. And here is Kilauea!

Kilauea from The Jagger Museum

The air is stinky here. Not too bad, but this is the first smell of the volcano that we experience! There are signs that indicate if the “smoke” is apparent in the air to close your car windows and avoid breathing the gas. The wind howled around us as we took photos.

Another view of Kilauea

Before leaving the park, I wanted to leave you with this panoramic view of Kilauea.

Panoramic View of Kilauea

I hope that you enjoyed Volcanoes National Park as much as I did! Next we will head to Hawi, pronounced Havi, and Pololu Valley. Would you like to join us?

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The next part of our tour of the Volcanoes National Park took us to the caldera known as Kilauea Iki. This part of the volcano is a pit crater. It was in August of 1959 that a swarm of earthquakes occurred and a new cinder cone formed. They named this cone Puʻu Puaʻi, which translates to “gushing hill.” We were walking on a trail leading up to the crater pit marveling at the greenery, when it opened up to this view!

First View of Kilauea Iki

We were standing so high above the caldera here and the view was breathtaking. There is a dark shelf at the bottom of the cone and this is where the lava gushed back in 1959. If you click on the photo to enlarge it, then look at the bottom right corner you will actually see people on the caldera floor where the gusher occurred!

Pit Crater of Kilauea Iki

Here they are as close up as I could get them!

The floor of Kilauea Iki

Next is a close up view of the dome.

The top of the dome

And finally a panoramic view of the whole caldera.

Panoramic of Kilauea Iki

As we walked away from the caldera we noticed alongside the trail these dark spots. It turns out they are what I call rifts that drop down to who knows how deep. In one area we noticed hot air coming from below.

A rift

We next head off to the Jagger museum and along the way find the steam vents. Stay tuned!

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Inside the rainforest of Volcanoes National Park is the Thurston Lava Tube. I was so excited that I would have the opportunity to walk where lava once flowed. The tubes are actual pathways where lava rapidly flows under the surface of a lava flow. As the lava cools it leaves a tube like the one we are going to shortly enter!

The pathway leading down to the lava tube

We walked down through the damp rain forest, amid the giant fern, and moss covered rocks, when we came to the entrance of the Thurston Lava Tube.

Entrance to the lava tube

The side wall at the entrance was dripping with water and covered in greenery!

Sidewall of the entrance

We enter the tube.

A bit of perspective

It was “raining” inside the tube as we walked along. The rain was water filtering down through the lava rock above us.

Looking up in the tube

Midway through the tube

The walk through the tube takes about 15 minutes. We approach the exit of the tube, which extended further than travelers are allowed to go.

The exit

Stay tuned as the next leg of this trip will take us to Kilauea Iki Overlook!

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