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This was to be a fight to the finish! The players were in the ring and ready to go! Tension amongst the audience was high! Some were rooting for the Jackson, others for the Gecko! Jackson and the Gecko stood in opposing corners!

Jackson vs. the Gecko

Now you see the reason that this is Jackson vs. the Gecko is because the Jackson eats the Geckos. Jackson moves in.

Jackson on the defensive

Jackson comes out full guns, exposing his flared out throat in a challenge!

Jackson full guns

Jackson moves in for the kill! The audience is in a state of suspense! Then, suddenly, a huge figure moves in. The audience, you can just hear them, let out a roar of surprise! Intervention occurs and the Gecko sighs in relief as he has been spared one more day. The Jackson runs off yelling, “Drats!”

Before I intervene

“Next time,” the Jackson thinks to himself!

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Life on the Hawaiian Islands can be found everywhere, and the little creatures flaunt their beauty! I love the geckos here as they are an assortment of colors. On this trip I was introduced to the Jackson lizard, which is just as colorful!

The Jackson lizard has a longer snout than the more compact face of the gecko. It can change colors, blending in with the black lava rock, and when it challenges it turns a beautiful green. Plus it does push ups too, and when it does it throws out a bright red bib under its chin. I approached a Jackson, and it did this a couple of times but was very shy the closer I got.

Jackson Lizard

Here he is a bit closer.

Jackson close up

We had gone to breakfast at The Coffee Shack, which has excellent food at a reasonable price, and dining is outside. It is here that we found numerous geckos traveling along the railings and the posts. What is unique here is that they feed the geckos with the jelly containers that you would normally use on your toast, and they seem to love it!

Gecko eating jelly

They are really quite beautiful.

Up close with a gecko

This next pair were getting a bit amorous! Thankfully I do not have to censor this photo!

A beautiful pair

Next we head off to the sacred grounds of one of King Kamehameha’s compounds!

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This week, the Sierra Foothills is moving to the Foothills on the Island of Hawaii for a much needed vacation! Would you like to see what a lava tube looks like? Or, what it would be like to be on the deck of a fishing boat fishing in the deep sea off the Island of Hawaii? Have you ever wondered what the coral reefs look like close up? How about the fluorescent blue, hot pink, fluorescent green gecko right in your face? What about coffee plantations and where King Kamehameha lived?

How about taking a trip with me and my husband to the Island of Hawaii? Interested?


Tune in as I will be doing a daily blog and hopefully the internet connection will work with me!

Our base camp will be in Kailua-Kona.

Hawaii National Parks Map

Kailua-Kona is on the eastern shore midway on the island.

I hope that you will join us on this journey, and that you will enjoy the trip as much as we do! So let us start the count down! The first blog on this Hawaiian adventure will be posted on Sunday, March 25th! See you then! Aloha!

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