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All That Remained of Bobby Joe - Copyright Adam Ickes

All That Remained of Bobby Joe – Copyright Adam Ickes

It all happened so quickly we really did not have time to react. Now we all stood there staring at a pair shoes in disbelief. That was all that remained of Bobby Joe. Bobby Joe left us, laughing, because this was to be his “Big Fish” story!

We all went fishing from the dock at Pillar Point. Bobby Joe’s reel started spinning like crazy. Something big had his line and was heading furiously out to sea. Bobby hooted that he finally hooked his “big one.”

Little did we know it would take him with it leaving only his shoes behind!
Thank you goes out to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for this flash fiction challenge! Be sure to check out some of the other posts by clicking on the Links In collection button on her post!

Now go out and have a great Friday, and thank you for visiting today!

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The WordPress Photo Challenge this week: Carefree. What are they looking for? Here is what they have to say…

“Summer memories make everything feel magical to me — carefree and untroubled.

Even on the trips where everything went wrong, I look back and smile at the narrow escapes, or the long walks on a beach while I sorted out and righted the world.

Whether a good memory was made in years past, yesterday, or only moments ago, I love letting the nostalgia wrap me up — like a borrowed sweater on a cold summer night. Even more, I love making new memories: a carefree summer at the lake, a stroll through the park, dancing in the rain… then all I need to do is remember, and the same carefree feeling washes over me.”

With that, here is what carefree is to me!

The thrill of white water rafting!

Going under!

Going under!

The excitement of catching and reeling in a fish!

Bringing in a fish

Bringing in a fish

Seeing the breathtaking view of Half Dome in Yosemite…

Heading to the lookout

Heading to the lookout

Hiking through a beautiful forest.

The path through Big Trees Forest

The path through Big Trees Forest

Coming upon ruins and wondering what life was like for those who lived there all those many years ago.

The ruins of Kinishba

The ruins of Kinishba

Walking barefoot in the sand with the wind blowing in my face!

The seaside at Puerto Vallarta

The seaside at Puerto Vallarta

Awestruck by the grandeur of the Grand Tetons!

The calm after the storm

The calm after the storm

I hope that you enjoyed these carefree moments with me and that you had one while reading and viewing this post!

Be sure to check out some of the other posts…You can find them by clicking here!

Now have a great Friday, and thank you for giving me another carefree moment! 🙂

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I have a lucky hat. Do you? My lucky hat is my fishing hat was the one I wore when the story of The Salmon Fishing Queen came into being. Here is one story of my hat:

My husband and I went to Hawaii and I was slated to fish on the Sea Wife II out of Kona. When the captain of the boat asked the fishermen to come forward and I stepped up to the plate, he told me to sit down and tell my husband to get his *ss up. I told him that he was looking at the “fisherman” in the family and that my husband was on the boat to just ride along. He shrugged and gave us the details of fishing that day.

Well, that day I caught the most fish on the trip: 3 Skip Jack Tuna that totaled about 17 pounds. As I was stepping off the boat the captain asked for my lucky hat. Of course the answer was, “No, you cannot have it.”

The following year we went back to Kona, and I booked us for another trip on the same boat. When the captain saw me walking up, again he asked for my hat. And, again I told him no. I was the only one to hook up on that trip and caught a 130# blue marlin. He was beautiful!

Well the captain of this boat sold the company to someone else, but I wanted to ask you if you fish, what does your hat look like. Here is my lucky hat:

My lucky fishing hat

And another view of the other side:

Another view of my lucky fishing hat!

I know that we can only go fishing, because if we plan on catching fish it never happens. And if it could happen that we will come in with the limit of 5 trout, or 2 26″ salmon, that the sport would be called “catching” rather than fishing.

What do you hope to catch in the 2012 fishing season? What is your fishing story?

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Today started out with a good helping of slop and I am now sitting in my recliner, computer in my lap, cup of french roast next to me on the table, and I figured now was as good a time as any to tell you how I came to be known as the Salmon Fishing Queen…

It was very early in the morning one Saturday, 4:30 a.m., and I had been invited to join a group to go salmon fishing. We were to meet at the Fisherman’s Wharf pier in San Francisco and head off to the Wacky Jacky. It was a cold morning, so I dressed in layers. The first layer had to be the thermal underwear! By the time I was layered up, I felt like the kid in “The Christmas Story,” although I could get my arms down!

Before leaving the house I took the required Dramamine to avoid any possibility of sea sickness. Off I went to San Francisco. This was my first ocean fishing trip, and my first time out on the Pacific Ocean! I was excited and a bit scared too. I was going to be fishing with a bunch of seasoned fishermen so I felt a bit in awe to have been invited.

Captain Jacky Douglas of the “Wacky Jacky” took us out. We were headed to the Farallon Islands which is a group of islands 27 miles west of San Francisco.

Farallon Islands - Photo by Jan Roletto

While that seems pretty close, it took us about two hours to get out there. We would be “mooching” I was told. Mooching is where you cut the engine back on the boat and drift.

There we were in sight of the Farallon’s, colder than heck, and everyone had their rods at the ready. I was told to take 50 pulls on my line which would take my hook and bait down about 50 feet. Then I set my rod into the holder and clipped it in. You do this so if you get a bite you do not lose your rod. My position on the boat was mid ship and on the port side close to the cabin. If you are looking to the front of the boat, known as the bow, I was on the left. The right side is known as the starboard side.

I was so cold, and there was a bit of a breeze and lots of fog, so I was standing by the entry way to the cabin and I started to dance around to get myself warmed up a bit. I drew a bit of attention from everyone, and they all wanted to know what the heck I was doing. I replied that I was doing the salmon dance and that I was calling the fish. Laughter ensued and then the reels started to sing as the fish started to hit! The three fellows at the back of the boat all turned their attention to their rods as the fish struck. Then my reel started to sing, and I had to jump into action!

I was not prepared for the weight of the fish as I reeled in my catch. It was slow going as the fish was fighting me. Up he came and the deck hand came over with a gaff to haul my fish into the boat. What a beauty! A tag was added to my fish, and my number was 4. They give you a number so you know which fish are yours by the end of the trip as they are all dumped into a bin.

Pacific Coast Salmon - Chinook - a male

Things quieted down after ten fish were brought in. I started to dance again. And again, the fish came! Needless to say, every time that I danced to warm up the lines started singing! What a thrill! By the end of the trip I had caught three, ranging from seven pounds to the biggest at ten pounds. My third fish, the seven pounder, went to someone who only caught one as the limit was two per person. It was during the group photo at the end of the trip that I was given front and center honors and I was dubbed the salmon fishing queen!

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