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This was to be a fight to the finish! The players were in the ring and ready to go! Tension amongst the audience was high! Some were rooting for the Jackson, others for the Gecko! Jackson and the Gecko stood in opposing corners!

Jackson vs. the Gecko

Now you see the reason that this is Jackson vs. the Gecko is because the Jackson eats the Geckos. Jackson moves in.

Jackson on the defensive

Jackson comes out full guns, exposing his flared out throat in a challenge!

Jackson full guns

Jackson moves in for the kill! The audience is in a state of suspense! Then, suddenly, a huge figure moves in. The audience, you can just hear them, let out a roar of surprise! Intervention occurs and the Gecko sighs in relief as he has been spared one more day. The Jackson runs off yelling, “Drats!”

Before I intervene

“Next time,” the Jackson thinks to himself!

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