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When we left off, we were at one area of the park where were got our first view of Kilauea! It was amazing! We left there and found ourselves at the Thurston Lava Tubes. The area: A rainforest!

We found ourselves feeling like Alice did in Alice in Wonderland, finding ourselves as tiny creatures amongst the biggest ferns I think I have ever seen.

A perspective on the size of the plants

My husband is in this photo on the bottom left corner. The fern emerges directly opposite him!

Fiddlesticks? The emerging fern leaves are called fiddles, and were were amongst some of the biggest I have ever seen!

One big fiddle!

These ferns were so amazing, and I took loads of photos!

A glorious fern fiddle

The center of a giant fern

Up close and personal

The colors are quite amazing as these things open up.

The fiddles as it opens

The red in the leaves of the ferns was used by the earlier Hawaiians as a dye.

Newly opened fern leaf

I hope that you enjoyed these ferns as much as I did! They are part of the rainforest here surrounds that surrounds the Thurston Lava Tube where we will head in Part III!

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