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When I got home from work yesterday, the temperature outside was over 100 degrees, and our illustrious power company was having issues so we had no power and were melting! The power had been going in and out at the winery, and even though we are on a different grid the same was happening here. Yesterday was the fourth day of extreme heat and record temperatures, and we have four more days to go!

The power was out for about three hours, which for us being on a well, means no water. We are prepared for this and have an ample supply of water stored just for this type of situation. Usually the power going out is a winter event, but with record high temperatures, it can happen in the summer. Dinner was prepared on a camping stove. At least we are prepared!

We went to bed last night leaving the air conditioning on overnight. Around midnight our air conditioner went out. My husband found himself outside checking out they system. Overnight temperatures stayed steady in the 80’s. Waking up this morning we found the temperature in the house at 80.5 degrees and outside 81. Part of the reason we did not get a cool down is due to the monsoonal flow coming up from Arizona which has given us cloud cover this morning.

One of the other things we discovered this morning were ants. They move in when the weather gets hot. We found them in the living room in and around the dog’s water bowl. I would be more than happy to give them water outside as long as they stay outside! We cleaned this up and I sprayed around the doors where they were gaining entrance to the house.

Our dog has special needs, so my husband brought a window air conditioner we had in the basement to keep him comfortable. The thing weighs a ton! We moved furniture around in the living room and then we managed to get this set up in one of the living room windows near the dog.

After making coffee, feeding the dog and giving him his medication, cleaning up the ants, spraying around the doorways, setting up the air conditioner, watering the plants on the deck, I was finally able to give myself a moment to sit and write. I am heading off to the shower now as I would like to at least get that in before another possible power outage as I am seeing the lights flicker!

Take care today, stay cool if you are in the hot zone, have plenty of water available, and thank you for stopping by! See you tomorrow!

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