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This week’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge: Water! Anyone who does photography has at some point in time taken photos of water, whether it be a waterfall, the calm of a lake, the ocean waves crashing on the beach, rain coming down, or snow falling. It is beautiful; it is powerful. It is what sustains us and the world around us. Here are my entries into this week’s challenge!

We see the majesty of water that can be found in the clouds!

The majesty of water in a cloud

It is water and light that gives us rainbows.

Water gives us rainbows

It sustains life.

It is the home to many.

It can be found in the vapor rising from a warm body of water in cold air.

Steam rising

Or, from the fog that develops on a cold wet morning.

The fog sets in.

It boils out of the earth.

Water explodes from the earth at Yellowstone.

It can be found in the waves crashing as they roll in towards the beach.

The waves are powerful as they roll in.

It can even be found in the driest of places: The desert as can be seen from the Peavine Trail in Arizona.

Water can be found even in the desert

Water reflects the world around it.

Water reflects the world

In the coldest of times it falls in the form of snow, which we get to enjoy!

It snows and we play!

And as the snow melts from the warmth of the sun, it gives us the beauty of a waterfall!

The beauty found in a waterfall!

This is the water of the world!

I’m participating in the LetsBeWild.com Wild Weekly Photo Challenge This week’s Challenge is: Water

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