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I love the flavor of radishes, and there is nothing better than one grown in the home vegetable garden! One that I have not tried to grow yet, but am thinking of doing this year is Daikon! This is a huge white radish that resembles a very large carrot only bigger! So let’s take a look at this lovely root vegetable, shall we?

Daikon - Photo from EdenBrothers.com

Daikon – Photo from EdenBrothers.com

This lovely root originated in the Mediterranean, and history records it being brought to China and Japan during the Han Dynasty. The commonly used name, Daikon, means large root, and you can see from the photo above that it is indeed!

This root is frequently pickled and often used in soups. Me, I just love it raw in a salad! Imagine the mild peppery flavor added to a cole slaw! Not only is the root edible but so are the greens.

But what is most amazing about this lovely white root, is the benefits to the human body! This vegetable is full of anti-oxidants, and helps the liver process toxins. It is high in vitamin B and C, which can act as an anti-inflammatory. Amazing, huh? It is also a natural diuretic, and it can help with weight loss.

For the garden, this vegetable is very hardy and can take the cold in the winter climate, allowing it to be grown all year round. Some varieties of this vegetable can reach a length of two feet! This root, from seed to harvest, will be ready to consume in 45-60 days. It does just fine in a mix of shade and sun. Once harvested the roots can last for weeks!

What do you do with Daikon? I would love to know! Thanks for stopping by today and have a great Sunday!

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