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There are folks out there who like to steal your content with the excuse that they can take it and use it freely because of the RSS feed that we have on our WordPress Blogs.

Recently, twice in the last few months, I have had blogs swiped without permission. My copyright notice on my blog indicates that you need written permission to use any of my content. And anyone who does use my content without my written permission is stealing from me.

What these thieves look for on your blog are commonly used tags. My “Stuck in the Clouds” blog had travel as a tag. My other blog about the “2nd Amendment…” had a politics as a tag.

These folks try to fool you with their disclaimer. Here is the link to the thieves website regarding copyright…Destinary.com Copyright BS. Your copyright still holds, and if you indicate that they need your permission, they have to get it first or they are stealing your content.

Both times my content was stolen by folks who use the web host Unified Layer. I discovered this information by using a site called: WhoIsHostingThis.com. Going to this site to see who they are hosted by, only because I cannot get any information on Unified Layer, indicates that they are hosted by GoDaddy. There is information on WordPress with regard to copyright infringement. This page is useful too. Content Theft – What to Do

People and sites that steal your content have nothing better to do than steal other peoples copyrighted items. Why? It is because they have no imagination, no creative abilities, no morals, no talent. They set up a computer at their location which uses an automated software that looks for certain words in your tags and pull those posts that have those tags.

The problem with these folks, is that they are hard to find and track.

I am pulling my post from today. Their site will give them a 404 error that the content cannot be found.

As a group of bloggers is there anything we can do worldwide to block these lazy a**es that have nothing better to do than steal? Maybe a worldwide protest of companies that host these folks? Suggestions anyone?

Oh, by the way, any use of the content in this email without express written permission will lead to prosecution as can be done as dictated by worldwide copyright law.

Can you afford to do this? Think twice before you do.

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I am always curious how people find my blog and I take a look at the search terms in my statistics to see how it is that they find me. A couple of days ago, while looking at the search terms I Googled one particular phrase that led someone to my page. I just happened to look at the “images” and found one of my photos leading me to a website that was using one of my photos as their own. You might remember this photo from a post I did in March of 2012.

Toby #1

Toby #1

I was astounded when I saw this, and immediately looked for contact information on their site and graciously asked them to remove my photo as they did not have my express written permission to use my photos as is indicated on my blog page. They ignored my request.

So, I next turned to the WordPress Support Forum and the folks that responded to me were most helpful. What I want to share is the information passed on to me by helpful members of the WordPress community.

I needed to find out who was hosting this website so that I could contact them directly. I was directed to this website that can help you figure out who hosts the offending site: Who is Hosting This?

I was also directed to information that would help me with this issue. Here are a couple of links to articles that were very helpful! These articles are chockful of very useful information!

From the site “ManoloFood.com” I was directed to a really good article entitled: Whine Journalism and How to Bring the Splashback

From WordPress, more great information: Content Theft and What to Do

I have been contacted by the hosting website of the offender and had to send them a DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act) notice, which I have done. This is a letter to the web host that you sign under penalty of perjury. It indicates the site illegally using your content and you add in the link to where your content was stolen from. It asks for the hosting website to immediately remove or disable access to “the infringing material.”

Currently, the offending site does not have any photos showing on the page where my photo was illegally used. I am hoping for a quick resolution of this violation.

A huge thank you goes out to Raincoaster, Happiness Engineer MacManx, and TimeThief!

Hopefully my fellow bloggers and followers, this will not happen to you. And if it does, I hope that the information passed on to me and included in this post will help you!

Have a great Thursday and thanks for visiting!

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