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One of the best things about spring is watching the world re-emerge after the long sleep of winter. Then when summer comes marching in, the colors in the garden explode with color! The range here is amazing! So today I wanted to share some macro shots that I captured yesterday in my garden!

Let’s start by getting up close to the lovely blues of the artichoke blossom…

Flowing blues

Flowing blues

I love the ruffles on the hollyhock blossoms!

In the pink!

In the pink!

The yellow and orange in the center of an echinacea is pretty amazing!

Oranges spikes

Oranges spikes

One of the least seen colors in the garden flowers are the truly dark colors. I am not sure where this came from but we have a “volunteer” hollyhock that is called a black hollyhock.

Deep purple

Deep purple

There is always sunshine in the garden when you have rudbeckia in the yard!



Contrasting all of these is the lovely duo of red and white found in the Rose of Sharon.

Red and white

Red and white

With the sun behind the leaf of the pistachio tree, one can see all the life inside this lovely tree!



I hope you enjoyed all the amazing colors in my garden! Thank you for stopping by and have a great Monday!

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When I think of the color yellow, many images come to mind. It got me to thinking what this color means and symbolizes…So today here is a study in the color yellow!

The color yellow glows with happiness and optimism.


It draws one to be creative.


Physically the color stimulates us.


It is the color of the third chakra.


In the Aztec culture the color yellow symbolized food.


It is the color associated with the sun.

The sun

What does the color yellow mean to you?

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We headed out to the northern end of the Island of Hawaii.  No particular destination other than where the wind would blow us!  We turned off where the sign indicated there was a National Park.  We pulled up to the parking lot and noticed that folks were camping and getting out of the car, we suffered through major winds we headed down towards to the beach.  Wind speeds here were between 30-40 miles per hour. But we fought the wind to where we found Spencer Beach, which is located right below Pu’ukohola Heiau National Park.    We had been to this park before, but were drawn to the water, not only by what we saw, but the wind was tossing us in every direction and blew us down to the beach.

A view from Spencer Beach Park

The colors of the water: Magnificent!

Just north of Spencer Beach

This beach is below another compound of King Kamehameha. Fish traps were built to capture the fish in a cove like structure that allowed the fish to swim in at high tide, but unable to swim out at low tide. The one here is a bit filled up with sand, but this would have been cleared out to lower the depth of the trap. The trap is the rock structure.

Another view of Spencer Beach with a fish trap

Little golden birds were everywhere, and they flitted here and there in the trees, being so illusive that I did not think that I captured this shot.

Native Bird

I took one last look back at the ocean.

Layers in the ocean

We turned to leave to head onward to Hawi, and the roots of a tree caught my eye.

Tree trunk at Spencer Beach

You can almost see a face! The trees grew parallel to the beach before rising to the 40 foot heights that they achieve! We are getting back into the car and heading on still to Pololu and Hawi!

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I grabbed my steaming hot cup of french roast this morning, and noticing the coloring in the sky, I ventured outside with my camera at the ready! The air is a very cool 39 degrees. A slight breeze blew through the screened in patio room, and I ventured out the door. I thought that maybe you might want to come and join me as I greet the coming day and the rising sun.

Welcoming the new day

Clouds waft in

The sky brightens a bit

The sky is streaked in color

The sky before I venture in to get ready for work

What better way to start the day than this! I know I will be enjoying mine due to such a start, and I hope that you enjoy yours too!

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