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This week’s Wild Weekly Photo Challenge’s topic is the Sunrise. The site asks for us to go outside this week and catch some sunrise photos. I was not planning on going anywhere this week so I am cheating a bit and I am submitting to this challenge some of the beautiful sunrises I have captured! So grab your cup of coffee and let’s head outside to check out some amazing sunrises! Ready?

It was early morning when we were awoken by the sound of thunder. I grabbed my camera and headed out to the screened in patio room while my husband put on a pot of coffee. There were huge clouds that were colored by the sun and I was lucky to catch a shot that included not only a faint rainbow, but lightning as well!

Lightning at sunrise

Lightning at sunrise

The above photo won the award for the Audience Choice Award! Thank you to those who commented!
Audience Choice Award - Challenge #20

Audience Choice Award – Challenge #20

We had taken a trip down the western coast of Mexico. As we were returning back to Long Beach, my husband and I got up before the sun and headed out to the starboard deck of the ship. I was lucky to capture the sun rising over the distant land. The view was breathtaking!

Sunrise over Mexico

Sunrise over Mexico

One morning, again stepping outside on the deck of my home, I was able to catch this God-like photo! The lower clouds blocked the sunlight and cast shadows creating these beams of light.

Casting shadows

Casting shadows

Another morning I discovered the colors of a rainbow in the sunrise.

Rainbow of colors

Rainbow of colors

Pretty, isn’t it?

When we lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, there was a lovely walking trail that bordered the San Francisco Bay. My breath caught in my throat when I saw the San Mateo Bridge silhouetted by the rising sun.

Good morning San Francisco Bay

Good morning San Francisco Bay

Here is a shot that I took recently of virga in the morning. It was an amazing sight indeed!

Waking up to Virga

Waking up to Virga

One last shot. This was not exactly at sunrise, but it is of the rising sun after we had a snow event here. The glistening snow was just beautiful!

The sunrise after a snow

The sunrise after a snow

There are some amazing entries already for this challenge so be sure to check them out! You can get there by clicking here! Feel free to leave me a comment on the Let’s Be Wild website! Look for my black and white kitty and click on reply!

Thank you for stopping by today, and have a great Friday!


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This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is Geometry. Geometry is all about shapes, size and relative position. It is about areas, volume, points lines and planes. And it surrounds us everywhere! Not only in nature, but in the way we shape the world around us. So this is my entry to this week’s challenge. These photos are where I find geometry!

Geometry in a basalt formation

Spirals found in the seed pods of a plant

Geometry in a natural arch

Lines…lines…and more lines…


Lines, shapes, designs – Geometry!

Let’s close this post off with the ripples flowing out in circles from a lava flow. Nature captures geometry in time!

Circles in Lava

Now go and have a great Sunday! And, take a bit of time to check out some of the other entries in this week’s photo challenge by clicking on the following link. Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

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Imagination is the ability to perceive or sense something that is not perceived through our five senses. It helps us to provide meaning to our experiences, and understanding to knowledge. It helps us in getting a grip on the world around us, and it also helps us in our learning processes.

Our basic training in imagination is first given to us when our parents read us a book at night as they tried to get us to go to sleep. The words that they read to us maybe painted a picture, made us feel what the characters were feeling, or as we heard what was happening in the story we were able to become part of the story from the book.

The words read to us created worlds, actions, reactions, romance, intrigue, and the list goes on. We imagine today, in our daily lives, in other ways too. We think about the actions that occur each and every day. We try to figure out motivations, meanings, perceptions…Using our imagination, we come up with solutions to problems. So when you hear someone say that they have no imagination, it is not true!

I was drifting off to sleep the other night, into a different realm of imagination, and something told me that I needed to write a post on this topic…

Now for the challenge: Below are a number of photos. Using your imagination name the following photos. I will then update the photos with the name, and if you have a Blog, I will include a link to your site!

Photo 1:

Photo 1

Photo 2:

Photo 2

Photo 3:

Photo 3

Photo 4:

Photo 4

Photo 5:

Photo 5

I look forward to experiencing your imagination and seeing where it is you will take me!

Happy Friday!

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