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Welcome to another edition of Tasty Tuesdays! It is still spring here in the Foothills, but it feels like summer! Our unseasonably warm weather has me thinking of barbecuing. What goes well with a great steak, ribs or chicken from the grill? Broccoli Slaw!

Now if you are looking for convenience, they do have a mix of broccoli and other veges in the pre-made section of the grocery store. I like to put this together myself. It is easy, and you can clean out your vegetable drawer. To make this side salad, prepare this about four hours before you plan on eating it! This allows the lovely flavors of the mixture to meld. So, come along with me as we head into the kitchen to make this very tasty slaw!

1 cup of mayonnaise
4 TBS sugar
2 TBS white wine vinegar
salt and pepper to taste
1 broccoli crown, medium in size
2 green onions
5-7 radishes
1 carrot
1 large stalk of celery
1 cup cheddar cheese, grated

First, I like to get the dressing made for the cole slaw. This is so easy! In a bowl mix together the mayo, sugar, and vinegar. You want to make sure that the mixture is smooth. Add a bit of salt, and several grinds of fresh black pepper. Set this aside.

Slaw sauce mixture

Slaw sauce mixture

Now get out a large mixing bowl. Wash the broccoli. Cut the broccoli close to the flower heads. Do not throw away that stem! With the flower head make small cuts so that you have a bunch of little florets. Add these to your mixing bowl. Now for those stems…Using the larger part of the stem, trim away the hard outer covering, the slice and dice the stem and add this to your bowl.

Take your green onion, trim off the roots and about an inch off of the green tops and slice. Add these to the mixing bowl. Now for the radishes, trim off the root and the greens. Slice the radishes so that you have little circles, then slice those circles into strips and add to your mixing bowl. For the carrots: Wash, then peel. Cut the carrot in four pieces. Then cut the pieces lengthwise into four. Then slice the quarters into little cubes. Add these to the mixing bowl. Was and trim the celery, Cut these the same way we did the carrots. Into the mixing bowl these go! Now stir this up until you have an even blend of veges. It should look like this:

Vegetable mixture of broccoli slaw

Vegetable mixture of broccoli slaw

Pretty colors, eh?

Now, add to this the cheddar cheese. And mix it up good.

Slaw with Cheddar added

Slaw with Cheddar added

The cheddar gives this an amazing texture!

Now add in the dressing and stir it up so that the vegetables are evenly coated. Let this sit for 4 or more hours, and then when your grilled meats are ready, serve it up!

The finished slaw

The finished slaw

Now wasn’t that easy? Other vegetables that would be good in this recipe are red cabbage, kale, fresh peas…I leave that up to you!

Thanks for stopping by today for another edition of Tasty Tuesday and stay tuned for a new recipe next week! Be well! ^..^

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Jen H. over at WordPress has chosen the topic “fresh” for this week’s photo challenge. What came to mind: Fresh vegetables from the garden! Are you ready to see my view of fresh? Here we go!

Who doesn’t like fresh sweet corn from the garden?

Sweet, sweet corn

Sweet, sweet corn

There is nothing better than fresh broccoli fresh from the garden!



Tomatoes from the garden beat store bought hands down!

Heirloom tomatoes

Heirloom tomatoes

Here is a photo of some freshly picked potatoes that I grew last year.

Colorful potatoes

Colorful potatoes

I love the sweet fresh sequoia strawberries from my garden!

Sweet, sweet strawberries!

Sweet, sweet strawberries!

Love my raspberries too!



Fresh acorn squash is a perfect accompaniment to ham!

Acorn squash

Acorn squash

I love those green beans too!

Green beans

Green beans

Well, there you have it! My view of fresh!

Thanks for stopping by today and be well! ^..^

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Can you imagine flank steak that melts in your mouth? And flavors that explode in your mouth? Well here is a recipe that explodes with flavor and melts in your mouth. The secret? Marinating the meat all day! Now let’s go off to the kitchen!

1 1/2 – 2#’s of flank steak
3 heaping soup spoon of hoisin sauce
6 capfuls of cooking sherry
1/4 cup of low sodium soy sauce
2 green onions, sliced
4 cloves of garlic, minced
3 1/4″ thick pieces of fresh ginger, peeled and minced
wooden skewers – about 2 dozen

First, lay out the flank steak on your cutting board.

Lay out the flank steak

Slice this across the grain in strips about 1/4-1/2 inch thick.

Cut the flank steak across the grain

Place the meat in a ziplock bag.

Next, get your ingredients for the marinade ready.

Marinade ingredients

Combine the hoisin sauce, sherry, soy sauce, green onions, minced garlic and ginger in a bowl. The hoisin is a bit sticky so stir this up well as it will stick to the sides of the bowl.


Pour this mixture into the bag of meat, zip the bag and then shake the bag really well to coat the meat. Set this in your refrigerator and turn the bag a few times during the day.

One half hour before you are ready to cook, place the skewers in a pan of water to soak. You do this so that they do not burn up on the grill. Also, take the meat out of the refrigerator. After the half hour, thread the meat on the skewers.

Skewer the meat

Next get your grill ready. Because the meat is thinly sliced these will cook rather fast. Once the grill is nice and hot, start adding your skewers

Set the skewers on the grill

Turn the skewers to cook evenly

Turn the skewers

until they are done!

until the meat is done!

Serve these with rice, or potatoes, and don’t forget a fresh steamed vegetable!

Dinner is served!

And, dinner is served! One note: This dish does not require any salt. So taste this before getting that shaker out! Enjoy!

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I have not made this soup before and after taking a look at recipes I got a basic idea of how to make this soup. One of the things that I noticed was that a lot of the recipes called for using frozen broccoli. While freezer veges are good for some things, for this cream of broccoli soup I will be using fresh. I also love the flavor of mushrooms and love a good cream of mushroom soup, so I thought that I should combine the two. Below is the recipe that I created.

10 oz. crimini mushrooms
2 TBS butter
5 cloves of garlic finely chopped
3 TBS butter
1/2 large onion, chopped
3 large broccoli crowns, cut into small pieces
1/2 cup flour
4 TBS butter
4 cups low sodium chicken broth
2 cups heavy cream
1 tsp dill weed
salt and pepper

Gather your ingredients

In a skillet melt the 2 TBS butter, then add the garlic and mushrooms.

Saute the mushrooms and garlic

Cook down the mushrooms until golden brown. Remove from the pan and set aside. Next, in the same pan, add the 3 TBS of butter. Melt and then add the onions and broccoli. Cook until the broccoli is a brilliant green and soft.

Cook the broccoli and onions

Move this to a bowl to cool. In the same pan, melt the remaining butter, and turning the heat to low, slowly add the flour. You will end up with a huge lump of the cooked flour. Turn the heat off. Then slowly add about one and a half cups of broth to the flour mixture, adding the broth slowly so as to avoid lumps.

The flour mixture with the addition of the broth

Set aside. Using a blender or food processor, in batches, add the broth, mushrooms and some of the broccoli mixture and puree. Add the pureed mixture to the pot with the flour, stirring to blend.

Pureed broccoli, mushroom, onions and garlic added to the flour broth mixture

Turning the soup pot to medium high, slowly add in the cream.

Slowly add the cream

Then add the dill, salt and pepper to taste and bring to a simmer.

Bring the soup to a simmer

Cook for about 10 minutes and serve with a warm crusty bread.

Soup is on!

Sit back and enjoy!

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What I like about spring is seeing everything burst back into life! Come revisit spring 2011 with me!

Almond Delight

A blossom from my almond tree

Rhapsody in Blue

The Vinca burst forth in a glory of blue!

Pink Passion

Nothing is sweeter than Nectarines!

It's a Honey of a Bee

A study of a honey bee in broccoli.

Dandy Dandelion

A dandelion close up!

Swimming in Salmon

A salmon colored daffodil.

Rosemary Explosion

The rosemary starts to bloom.

Enjoy the visit? Come back to see Spring 2012!

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Last night I pulled out the wok and made my version of Chicken Chow Mein. It takes a bit of time to put together but it is well worth it!

1 Bok Choy
1 Napa Cabbage
1 Carrot
8 Asparagus
8-10 Green Beans
1/2 Can of Bamboo Shoots
1/2 Can of Sliced Water Chestnuts
1 Broccoli Crown
6 Dried Shitake Mushrooms
4 Cloves of Garlic
6 Boneless Chicken Thighs
8 Oz. Chinese Noodles
Rice Wine
Soy Sauce
Sesame Oil
Peanut Oil
1/4 cup of water
Dash of Salt
3 Spring Onion

Start with the Shitake mushrooms. To rehydrate these, place them in a bowl and cover with hot water.

Rehydrate the Shitake Mushrooms

I cut up the vegetables and separate them into two batches. The Bok Choy and Napa cabbage in one; the carrots, asparagus, green beans, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, broccoli and mushrooms in the other. The first cooks quicker than the second.

Napa Cabbage and Bok Choy prepped

Prepped veges

Then I cut up the chicken into small chunks. Add a glug of rice wine.

Cut up Chicken Mixed with Rice Wine

Chop up the garlic, and put into a small bowl. Slice up the spring onion and put into another small bowl. Set aside.

Spring Onion and Finely Chopped Garlic

Prepare the noodles according to the package directions. Add soy sauce to your liking and a good dose of the sesame oil and combine. Set aside.

Chinese Noodles

Add one TBS. peanut oil to your wok and heat. Then toss in the Bok Choy and the Napa Cabbage. Stir fry until they just start to wilt.

Stir Fry the Bok Choy and Napa Cabbage

Then remove to a bowl. Add another TBS of peanut oil to wok and heat again. Add in prepped veges and start to stir fry. Then add the water and a dash of salt. Cook until just crisp tender.

Sitr Fry the Vege Mix

Remove to the bowl with the cabbage and bok choy. Heat a TBS of peanut oil to hot and then add the garlic. Stir fry this until the aroma comes up and then add the chicken.

Stir Fry the Chicken

Cook until the chicken is no longer pink inside. Then add to the bowl with the vegetables.

Everything is Cooked and Ready to Use

Now add 3 TBS of peanut oil to the wok and heat. When hot add the noodles and stir fry for about one minute. Then add the bowl of chicken and vegetables and the spring onion and stir fry to combine and all is heated through, then serve it up!

Dinner is Ready!

I make a lot of this so that I have leftovers for lunch at work. It is really good cold too! I hope that you enjoy this as much as my husband and I do!

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Our friend Dan has not been to our house for dinner in a long, long time. His favorite dinner: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and fresh steamed broccoli!

3#’s of ground beef, 93% meat…the rest fat…needed for the juiciness
1 egg
4 shakes of Progresso Garlic Herb bread crumbs
4 shakes of garlic powder
1 good handful of dried minced onions
Salt and pepper to taste


Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all of the above, except the ketchup, with your hands until well blended. Spray your baking pan with a non-stick spray. Take the meat mixture and shape into a huge ball, then place it in your baking pan and shape it into an oblong shape. Make sure you tuck the bottom edges under. Next, pour a generous amount of ketchup on the top of the meatloaf. Spread it around to cover the top and sides.

Rub meatloaf with ketchup

Bake for 1 hour. Take the meatloaf out of the oven and cover loosely. Let it sit for 15 minutes, then slice.

Slice it up

Serve with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli!

Dinner is ready!

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I am feeling a bit spicy and found some fish in the freezer, and what could be better than a spicy, easy to make, fish dinner?

4 Tilapia filets
2 TBS butter
1 TBS extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp. Hungarian paprika
1/4 tsp. black pepper
1/4 tsp. white pepper
1 tsp. each of onion and garlic powders
1 tsp. dried thyme leaves
1 tsp. dried basil leaves
1/2 tsp. dried oregano leaves

Wash the fish and dry with paper towel. Set aside. Melt the butter in a pan and stir in the olive oil until blended. Set aside.

Gather your spices

In a bowl mix the remaining ingredients until combined.

Spice Mixture

Brush the fish with the butter mixture and then dredge in the spice mix covering evenly.

Fish coated in butter oil mixture and then dredged in spices

Lay the fish on a foil lined baking sheet. You will have some of the butter mixture left over and will be using this shortly.

Now take out your cast iron pan and heat it up until a drop of water sizzles. Pour 1/2 the remaining butter mixture over the fish,

Drizzle the butter oil mixture on the fish

and place this side down in the cast iron pan. Cook this over high heat until the fish is browned. Pour the remaining butter mixture on the side of the fish that is facing up in the pan and turn the fish.

The fish has been flipped!

Cook until the fish is browned and begins to flake. Total cooking time is approximately 10 minutes.

I like to serve this with fresh broccoli mixed with fresh carrots and Jasmine rice.

Dinner is served!

Serve this with a Pinot Grigio!

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I wanted to get your mouths watering, so here is what is to come starting today and going through Monday!

Tonight – A spicy, flaky fish recipe, with a jasmine rice and steamed broccoli

Christmas Eve – Maple glazed smoked ham, sweet acorn squash and cheesy au gratin potatoes

Christmas Day – Barb’s famous Mac ‘n Cheese with ham

Monday – Sopa de Pedos, or “Fart Soup” – this is a bean soup made with the leftover ham and the bone of course!

Comfort food just perfect for the holidays! What are you cooking up?

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Broccoli in my garden

I love this vegetable and cook it often. Other than knowing that it is a great source of calcium I really didn’t know much about it, so I decided to devote a blog to this wonderful vegetable!

Broccoli hails from Italy. It was highly valued in the time of the Roman Empire. The word broccoli comes from the Italian word Broccolo, which translates to “the flowering tops of a cabbage.” Yes, it belongs to the cabbage family! The vegetable was brought to the U.S. by Italian immigrants but was little known in the country until the 1920’s.

There are three commonly grown varieties of broccoli. Sprouting broccoli has a large number of heads on slender stalks. Romanesco broccoli is yellow green in color and rather than the rounded feature on the flower heads, they are pointy instead. The last variety is called purple cauliflower. The head on this variety closely resembles cauliflower but has a purple tinge to it.

Sprouting broccoli in flower

The largest producer of broccoli is China, with production reaching 8.5 million tons per year. This is followed by India that produces over 5 million tons per year. And the U.S. is third in production, harvesting over 1.25 million tons per year. In the U.S. CA is the main producer of this vegetable. I cannot tell you how many fields of broccoli I have seen growing along the coast just south of San Francisco! They went as far as the eye could see!

The vegetable is high in dietary fiber as well as Vitamin C. It also has anti-cancer compounds in it and steaming it for 3-4 minutes enhances these compounds.

Hot, steaming broccoli!

Eating broccoli can also help prevent heart disease. Boiling broccoli pretty much leaches out any of the compounds that are beneficial to you, so stir-fry, steam or roast this vegetable. I love it as a slaw!

Broccoli slaw in the making!

Now that you know a little bit more about this wonderful vegetable, go cook some! Search on my blog site for broccoli and see what you come up with!

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