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It was been a couple of weeks since I shared with you what my garden looks like, so this is an update!

Let’s take a look at how the garden has changed, shall we?

Here is the garden when it was just planted.

The garden beds are done

And here it is today!

The garden today!

Stay tuned for some of this summers bounty!


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OMG! — One of my newest friends, Conor Bofin of “One Man’s Meat” at conorbofin.wordpress.com, has painstakingly followed me through my growth pains as a new blogger. He has given me inspiration and by vicarious mentoring, has shown me what a blog is about, and how one can attract others in various ways. Well, my dear Conor has nominated me for the Versatile blogger award! Oh, again I feel humbled! Thank you Conor Bofin of Ireland for the nomination! I bow to you sir! Please check out One Man’s Meat either by clicking on the address in this email or on the right where I have a link to his site! And, be sure to try out his recipes!

Not knowing what this was, behind the scenes I sent Conor an email asking what the heck a “Versatile Blogger Award” is. Duh, Barb, look it up on the internet….Another bit of learning curve Conor, that and jet lag from an ungodly 15 hour return trip from Hawaii!

So here is the scoop: The “Versatile Blogger Award/Nomination” has the rules posted at the following WordPress site:

Versatile Blogger Award Rules

Per the rules, I am to inform you of 15 bloggers that I have newly discovered or follow regularly…I love all the blogs that I follow, and cannot include all, so, forgive me if I do not mention your blog, I have too many to choose from. In no particular order, I love your blogs, and I nominate you all for the Versatile Blogger Award:

1. One Man’s Meat
2. She Cooks, He Eats
3. Yummy Lummy
4. Going Dutch
5. Do You See What I See
6. Because There is Always Something Wonderful Going on in this Life
7. A Yorkshire Lass in Ireland
8. Paprika and Pinot
9. Parent-Trapped
10. Sotardalen Nokota Horses
11. The Alternate Economy
12. Hella Sydney
13. Aquaponic Family
14. Come Travel with Us
15. El Fogoncito

To Conor, per the rules, for nominating me I am to tell you seven things about myself:

1. My purpose in life is to give to those around me all I have to give.
2. Grace was never my middle name, so I have two left feet.
3. Even though I am a clutz, I have good eye hand coordination!
4. I have the left brain logic, and the right brain creativity.
5. I love the color blue that is in the sky of the Sierra Foothills.
6. I make horrible hard boiled eggs.
7. My favorite drink is Vodka and cranberry.

Thanks again to you Conor for the nomination, and to all bloggers, keep it going!

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