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Do you remember the blog I posted back on December 10th about the hermit I ran into on my walk into the forest? Well, I forgot to mention that he had asked if it would be possible to use our address in case one of his few family members wanted to contact him. I was OK with this, and then the mail started to come in…

Once a month I take a trip up to where my hermit friend lives to deliver his mail, get a nice steaming hot cup of his herbal tea blend, and to sit and talk to my interesting new friend. It was after one of my visits that we received a letter for the hermit from a very well known State of CA agency, who shall remain nameless. Thinking that this was something important, and enjoying my visits, I made a trip into the forest to see my friend.

Somehow this State agency discovered that this fellow was living where he was and they wrote him a letter. As he tore the envelope open, I took a sip of my tea. He read his letter and then started to swear.

“What is it?” I asked.

“This letter is one of the reasons I came up here. I wanted to get away from all the bulls**t that happens in life.”

“So, what is it?” I ask again.

“This particular State agency is accusing me of creating a dam to prevent water from making it to a particular sector of the valley, and that the farmer’s there are now suffering due to this! I have not done one thing that would affect anyone, other than myself.”

He ventured into his lean-to for one of the pads of paper I brought to him on one of my visits. He asked me to write the letter as he dictated it, and then he signed the letter, placed it in an envelope and addressed it himself. Basically, his letter stated that he was not doing one thing to block any of the waterways that headed towards the valley.

A week went by and I received another letter for my hermit friend, and knowing what was in the last letter I just had to make another trip to see him. My husband came with me this time. We hiked up into the forest and saw that our friend was not there, so we sat and waited. About an hour later he came up carrying a couple of fish on a stringer.

“Hungry?” he asked.

We both told him that we were not, and I handed over the letter. He set it down and proceeded to hang the fish in a tree. “Tea?” he asked. We both said yes and he proceeded to make tea for the both of us.

He tore open the letter and started to swear as he did the first time I delivered a letter from this agency. My husband then said to him, “Barb told me about the first letter. So what are they saying now?”

The hermit took up his cup of tea and took a good gulp and said that it was pretty much the same as what he first received. Again, he asked me to write a letter for him, and again he told this particular State agency that he was not doing anything to block any of the waterways. He also was very strong in his language that he would not cease and desist from something he was not doing. We mailed the letter for him when we got back home.

Two weeks went by without a word from this agency. And then another letter came. I went to deliver the letter. My friend took one look at the letter and asked me if I would not mind going home and getting my camera. He had something to show me.

I came back about an hour and a half later with my camera and my husband in tow. He asked us if we would mind hiking a bit through some tough terrain. He said it would take about an hour. Off we went. We were following the waterway that was nearby his camp. It branched off and at the branch he asked us to sit. We did. He said we had to be very quiet and wait. We did.

All of a sudden he was poking my husband in the side at the same time motioning me to take a photo to where he was pointing. There it was. The critter responsible for what was happening to the water flow.

The Culprit

And here was the blockage!

Beaverlodge - Photo by Bridesmill

Needless to say, he responded to the letter, and we included the photos for him. He did receive another letter about two weeks later informing him that he was now illegally harboring a beaver!

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