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As you may know, I am going through chemo and cancer and have had similar troubles collecting from the State of Ca money that I paid in on each paycheck…Every dollar was hard earned. This is an excellent example of government bureaucracy at best! No wonder CA is having financial troubles!

I also find that there are other posts on this blogger’s site that were informative and I live the daily affirmations, when she can post! Please take a moment to visit and look too!


Today I will be doing two posts. One that is a rant and the other will be The Daily Affirmation. For now, I have a lot to get off my chest about the bureaucratic BS that was exposed to me today. The parties involved: The State of California Employment Development Department – the EDD – (more likely just the State government) and Bank of America!

Yesterday, Ron at the EDD told me that I would have access to my disability money today. He gave me the telephone number for Bank of America (hereafter BofA) so that I could call them and have them move my money from their bank directly to my bank. Let’s look at the politics of this briefly, if I can be brief…

See the State of CA turns my disability money over to BofA as they have a “contract” to handle the money. This means that…

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Every year I anxiously anticipate the coming of artichoke season. There is nothing like the subtle flavor of this wonderful vegetable! The extraordinary flavor of the heart dipped in butter…mmmm.

The Artichoke in Bloom - Photo by Joaquim Alves Gaspar

Did you know that almost all of the artichokes available in the U.S. come from California? 75% of artichokes come from Monterey County. It was named the county’s official vegetable in 1986. The “heart” of the growing region for these gems is in the town of Castroville. In May the town hosts an Artichoke Festival where you can have your photo taken with a giant artichoke!

The plant is a native of the Mediterranean. The plant can be grown as a perennial in your garden. It has long silvery leaves that are serrated, and they actually have thorns too.

See the thorn? It is right below the B in my last name.

The plant can get to six feet across and is between three to four feet tall. In my garden I have to fend off the earwigs and the ants every year. Last year I thought I lost the plant to these garden pests, and I ended up cutting it all the way down to the ground. I was heartbroken! Then I discovered that my plant was putting its energy into developing new shoots and this year my plant is gorgeous once again!

My artichoke plant

The part we eat is the flower bud. It has a wonderful nutty flavor and it is really good for you too! It has the highest antioxidant content for a vegetable, which helps the body to lower cholesterol levels. Most folks cook the artichoke whole and then slide the leaf between their teeth to scrape off the meat from the petals. When you get down to the heart, it is important to scrape out the center of the “choke.” Then enjoy the nutty center of the bud!

I love eating an artichoke that way, but I love adding them to dishes too!

Cooked artichokes - Photo from the CA Artichoke Advisory Board

Be looking for some future recipes featuring this wonderful vegetable!

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