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Today here in the United States we set aside this day in memory of those who lost their lives in war. Now mind you, this is not to be confused with honoring veterans, which is celebrated on Veteran’s Day in November, which honors those who have served and are now discharged from our military. It seems that some in our media have confused the two, even including those still serving.

In loving memory to those who fell in battle and lost their lives, today we honor your memory!

My Uncle and his flight crew

My Uncle and his flight crew

My Uncle Jerry enlisted in the Air Force at the tender young age of 19. On December 25th 1944 my Grandparents received a telegram informing them that his plane was missing in action. One year later, they were notified that his plane was shot down over Hungary. German records had recorded the event. Only one survived and it was not my Uncle.

To all those who lost their lives in the military service for our country, we honor you today.In Memory of those who lost their lives serving our country

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Today is Veteran’s Day, a day where we honor all those Veteran’s who served! This day differs from Memorial Day, which honors the memory of all those that died while in service for our country. Thank you to those who served for our country and to all that are serving our country today! Today we celebrate you!

In case you cannot see this by clicking on the video above, here is the link to this video!

Thank You for Your Service – by Moments Channel

I hope this video touched you as it touched me!

We honor you, our Veteran’s, today! Now let’s have a group hug, shall we?

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