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The beauty of flowers is one of my most favorite things in life. The variety, the diversity, the splendor and the vibrancy of colors. And I enjoy them all, whether they are in Hawaii, or in my own backyard! I wanted to share with you some of the best of what I saw in Hawaii!

Raise your cup

I do not know the name of the above flower, but what I found more amazing was the seed from this this glorious flower. It truly shows that everything has a heart!

The seed

Sitting by itself in a seemingly desolate field, I spied this beauty!

Lonely orchid

The bougainvillea were all over the place, but I happened upon an area that had a small patch that was different.

Bougainvillea pastels

When you think of an Anthurium you might picture in your mind a heart shaped red flower with that yellow spadix shooting out from the center. Here is the unusual one that I came across.

Unusual Anthurium

There are not many blue flowers in Hawaii, and I was most delighted when I came across this one!

Blue Hawaiian

There is nothing like walking around a corner and running into something as stunning as this gem!

Bursting forth

Then turning another corner and running into this beauty!

Colorful cascade

Then of course there are the amazing hibiscus. Imagine my surprise finding the same one that the bee’s did!

Honey bees on hibiscus

What could be prettier than something in say, a hot pink? How about this one?

Pretty in Pink

How about the burst of color from this?

The splendor of bromeliads

OK, I snuck that one in. There are no flowers on this glorious plant, but it still stood out and caught my eye!

My final, final blog from this Hawaiian trip will be photos of some of my favorite sights, or sightings…

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